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Portal software

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Developing a portal software has many advantages. With portal software, you can communicate in a central and secure place. Communication becomes more efficient through self-service, which saves you time! Building a customer portal also contributes to increasing quality, service or loyalty.

Users can log in 24/7, worldwide. You decide who has access to the customer portal software. Centralized or personalized information can easily be shared. You decide who can see which information. Create a portal? What are you waiting for?

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Create a portal

Creating an online platform

We think this is key

Building customer portal
A design tailored to your goals and users. That makes our portal software successful.
Secure online portal software
By applying secure and reliable technology, the data of you and your members is safe.
Simple portal management
You can easily place announcements, send reminders or manage users yourself.

Set up a portal

Ensure more yield

Do you want to optimize your business processes? With our customer portal software, this is guaranteed. Our specialists have experience since 2004. We investigate the target group and your objectives. Based on this, the customer portal software is set up for you.

Would you like to have a user-friendly online portal built? Our design is effective because we only show the essential functions. This allows members to get started with the portal right away, without having to familiarize themselves with the system first. So handy.

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Portal software

Building a portal

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Reliable portal software

The technology behind our portals

Create a portal to process large amounts of data. That is why reliable online customer portal software is important. Our portal software is ready for Big Data because they are based on Elasticsearch and work with state of the art portal software.

Create a portal? We built a portal that's 24/7 available worldwide. Thanks to well-structured data, our portal software is well understood. Our SiteCMS makes it easy for you to post messages, manage users and send reminders. Even without technical knowledge.

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Portal software