Member profiles

No profiles, no forum
  • Easy profile provision 
  • Manage the profile layouts
  • Characteristics, pictures, and videos
  • Stylish profile pages
Create a profile site

We do the formatting

You decide the layout and content

We have a basic software that will be formatted to your liking. The profile pages will be formatted to your liking as well. We will design everything to your brand, making it fit your target audience. We will decide the format of your profile pages, making your members feel welcome.

You will decide what information is shown, and where the member area will be displayed on the profiles. The profiles can be as extensive as you desire. Profile pictures, profile descriptions, pictures, and videos? Everything is possible. Start your own platform!

Member profiles

Your forum is unique. Just like your members.

Profiles are accurately compiled

Profile format
Decide what’s important for your members. Make use of our basic profile questions or create your own in the management system.
Custom design
Are your members introverted or extroverted? The design is tuned to your members. Making it look custom made for them.
Store safely
Only ask the much-needed questions. The profile information is stored in a well secured database. Keeping your members safe.