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Create a dating site

How to set up a dating site..

..and get more subscriptions?

Our dating software is the solution to bring members in contact with each other. With an automatic matchmaker, a smart search function and multiple contact options. Set up a dating site?

Build a dating site for regular members
You don't just buy a piece of dating software from us, but a complete dating website. Build a dating site that is tailored to your target audience? Your members get the best out of your dating app and return more often.

Develop a dating site for income
Starting a dating site with returning members? Receive more income from memberships as a result. Set up a dating site? With our dating software you can create a dating site in 14 days for 1999 euro.


building a dating site

Build a dating website?

This is important to us

24/7 accessability
Do you have some troubles? Contact us. We are there for you 24/7 in case of emergencies.
No knowledge needed
There is no IT knowledge needed to run your datingsite. Easily manageable with our dating software.
Millions of visitors
There are millions of visitors that visit our dating websites on a monthly basis. That is why we know what works.

How to build a dating site..

..which is easy to manage?

The goal of creating a dating site has been somewhat contradictory for us: creating a dating site with many features, which is still easy to manage. Building a dating website with all kinds of useful things.

Complete online dating software
We provide your own dating app with all functions for online member contact. Chatting, searching with filters, searching by location with radius, online payment and extensive profiles. With our dating software, it's set up like this.

Completely manageable dating software
Set up a dating site where you determine the profile layout and search options, which matches automatically and where the administration is also automated? We are going to set up a dating site where you are in control and still have time for membership recruitment. Start a dating site?

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start a dating website

Start your own dating website

We offer you extensive dating software

Would you like to create your own dating site? With us you will be completely unburdened. We set up your dating platform and give you workshops with which we teach you how to get the most out of your platform. Can't get out of somewhere? Hire one of our professionals. We will help you on your way.

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How to create a dating site..

..which is smart, secure and fast?

Do you want to start a dating site? We have been working on our online dating software since 2004. Our online dating software is smart, secure and fast. It is based on Phalcon and Elasticsearch.

Building a fast dating app
With our dating software you can search for members without page refreshes. When we create a dating website, it will therefore also function well with our online dating software with thousands of visitors.

Set up a complete dating app
We do not work with standard dating scripts. We supply a total solution. Which is based on good and reliable online dating software. Would you like to develop a complete dating website?


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