Webshop creation costs

Fixed amounts, no surprises

What are the webshop building costs? You receive a complete webshop with every package. Completely in your corporate identity. From less than a thousand euros. The difference is only in the number of products. Webshop creating costs? Check our webshop pricing.

  Lowest cost to create a webshop Shop S Run your shop
without worries.
Most Popular Cost of creating an SEO webshopShop M More orders
due to more products.
Cost of creating a large webshop Shop L Larger shop?
Up to 5,000 products.
Products 15 300 5,000
Delivery Time 14 days 14 days 30 days
Good Design        
SEO Friendly        
Email   2 3 5
Free SSL        
Free Domain        
Fast CDN        
Webspace   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Training   1 hour 2 hours 2 hours
Extra Help   2 hours 3 hours 5 hours
24/7 Updates        
Email Support      
Phone Support      
Online Payment        
Product Filters        
+ €39 p/m
+ €49 p/m
+ €149 p/m
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Have a webshop made costs

We explain costs for webshop

Get a webshop built costs vary per webshop and per provider. Are you going to do everything yourself? Then the costs for a webshop are much lower than if you outsource everything. The costs of the webshop mainly depend on your wishes and goals. Therefore, map it out first.

Do you want to have a webshop made at low costs? Then get started yourself. There are many providers, such as Shopify, with which you can click your webshop together. Don't you want to fall into those well-known pitfalls and a faster road to success? Then hire someone who will set up your complete webshop from A to Z.

When you do it yourself, you only have to deal with monthly hosting costs. They are between 30 and 150 euros per month. Do you outsource everything? Then count on around 3000 euros in web shop costs and around 15 euros per month in hosting costs.

Get a webshop made costs are not the only costs involved in running a webshop. Your online store also needs to be maintained. Think of implementing security updates, optimizations for conversion and also SEO. In fact, those costs cannot be estimated without getting to know them.

Are you going to start selling online? Then look further than just having the webshop make costs. Having a webshop make costs can be higher if you outsource everything, but in most cases you will earn those costs back if you want to achieve more success.

A professional web store builder knows all the ins and outs for conversion optimization, SEO and up-selling. 52% of female buyers do not buy without favorable return conditions and a quality mark also significantly increases the conversion. Did you think of that yourself? There are still 100 points.

Are you inventorying costs for your webshop? When determining your ROI, this is one of the first questions you want the answer to. Unfortunately, this is also difficult to answer without getting acquainted. Every situation is unique, therefore also yours and the costs are always different.

In a free introduction, we map out your wishes and objectives. We give you advice about the design of your online store, about SEO and about how we think you can best reach your target group with your product range. We will also explain our own prices to you.

Having the webshop made costs at StartPlatform are about 1500 euros for the first year. For the following years you pay 588 euros per year. This includes hosting, email and all updates we release. Excluding VAT and costs for online marnecklace, but you know this story.

have a webshop built costs