Costs to create a website

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Create a website costs? We have a suitable package for every entrepreneur. The package can be adjusted at any time so that your website grows with your online success. Build a website price? View offer

  costs to create a business site Site S Receive leads
with a business site.
Most Popular Costs to build a business siteSite M More visitors
through more pages.
costs to build a platform site Site L Add content
by visitors.
Pages 15 300 5,000
Good design        
SEO friendly        
Delivery time   14 days 14 days 14 days
Email   2 3 5
Free SSL        
Free domain        
Fast CDN        
Web space   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Training   1 hour 2 hours 3 hours
Extra help   2 hours 3 hours 5 hours
24/7 updates        
Email support      
Phone support      
Search function        
Online payments        
+ €39 p/m
+ €49 p/m
+ €149 p/m
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Get a website built costs

Depending on your wishes

Have a website made costs can be high or low. But what actually determines the cost of a website? Right, your wishes! Do you opt for a custom website? Get a website built costs will easily be between 5,000 and 10,000 euros. But is that really necessary? We believe not.

Our web design agency has 20 years of experience in developing websites. We have combined that experience into a proven structure, our StartPlatform concept. Do you want to have a professional website built at a low cost? The proven structure has often been used. This way we know what works and what doesn't and we continuously adjust the structure accordingly.

Do you have or do you get more wishes? With a package upgrade we activate a customer login, an online order/payment system and possibly a member login. This way your website grows with your success without ever paying too much.  

Get a website built costs are not the only costs when you want to get your business online. You will also have to deal with website maintenance costs. The amount of these costs varies and they are often charged on the hourly bill principle. We have chosen to do this differently.

Do you want to know in advance what the costs of having a website built are? Then choose our StartPlatform concept. All costs are known in advance. You pay one-off set-up costs and a fixed monthly amount. For the monthly fee we host your website and keep your website up-to-date.

This way you will never be faced with surprises and there will never be any haggling about the amount of your website maintenance costs. Do you want a fair and all-in website price? Get a website made at StartPlatform. Please feel free to contact us. Cup of coffee is also included ;).

In addition to the costs for website creation, you will also have to deal with hosting costs and website maintenance costs. The annual costs for a website vary with each website. This makes the annual costs difficult to compare. Therefore, request quotes to compare costs properly.

The annual costs for a website are usually highest in the first year. Your website is built in the first year. You will then have to deal with design costs and development costs for your website. For the following years you only pay for hosting and website maintenance costs.

On average, the development costs for a company website are around 4000 euros and the hosting costs around 500 euros per year. Having the website built costs an average of 4500 euros for the first year and 500 euros for the following yearso. Due to our proven structures, our set-up costs are lower.

Get a website built costs