Platform software

Configure with building blocks
  • Launch website in 14 days
  • Create layouts with widgets
  • Safe and reliable software
  • Get weekly software updates
platform software

Complete platform software

Which is always up-to-date

Whether you want a website as a freelancer and want to be able to send an invoice, set up a webshop or bring online members into contact with each other. Our platform software is suitable for every application.

Our working method
We set up the platform software, adjust everything to your wishes and do that for a fixed price. We take care of this with standard building blocks. As a result, we are ready in 14 days and you will never be faced with surprises.

Weekly updates
We continuously develop our platform software. We release updates every week. You will also receive these updates after delivery of your website or platform. This way you are ahead of your competition without fumbling.

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Platform software

Online platform software

Flexible, secure and fast

Full package
The standard software has every function that is needed for a successful online concept.
Secure & reliable
The platform software is reliable. We host everything in the Netherlands. Our CDN provides a fast delivery globally.
Tailored to your wishes
Everything will be tailored to your wishes. You don’t just buy a software; you buy a platform that fits your members.

Interactive platform software

Receive contact moments

Connecting with visitors online or connecting visitors online with each other has never been so easy, so fast and so scalable. Impress your target audience with our platform software.

Totally complete
Our platform software has extensive options. Searching for content with filters, contact options, payment options, profile pages and creating your own layouts with widgets.

For which solution do you go online? The platform software can be used for various solutions. Including company websites, web shops, job boards, dating sites and marketplaces.


Platform software


Check examples

Check some examples that our partners have set up with our software.

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Is it safe and reliable?

Don't worry about that

Online platform software is good when you don't notice it. You see the importance of technology, especially when there are problems. Do not worry. Our technique has been tested by various websites.

High security standard
Passwords are stored encrypted, our servers are equipped with the latest software and audits are performed periodically. And that's so good. Because that way you don't have to worry about security. 

All data in the Netherlands
All data is stored in a secure data center. That data center is redundant for greater reliability. Only we' have access to the code. As a result, there are fewer entrances for hackers. 


Platform software