Create your own site

Our approach to digital impact

Create a site yourself? We achieve your success together. No customization, but building blocks. Not an extensive design document, but a quick start. This way you don't pay too much and you are online quickly.

create a website yourself

Rolling up our sleeves

This is how we will make your website

1. Concept  about 3 days

We inventory your wishes

We discuss your wishes and objectives in a video call. Do you want to create a website, create a webshop or set up an online platform?

We look together at how StartPlatform best fits. We look at examples and the management system. You will receive a quotation or an order advice.

2. Kick-off  about 2 weeks

Delivery of basic site

After your order you will receive access to the project environment. We request information in it, which you can easily provide to us.

Two weeks after that you will receive the basis of your website with dummy information. We invite you for a workshop.

3. Configuration  2 to 4 weeks on average

Adjust to your wishes

The first version will never fully suffice. We will process feedback, publish content, set search filters, determine the revenue model and create layouts.

Would you like to create your own website? You can do a lot yourself, it can be done together or we can do everything. We determine the approach together in the concept phase.

4. Launching  about 2 days

Launching your website

Happy? We schedule the launch of your website. We will also link your domain name and you will receive your own e-mail address.

From that moment on you can receive visitors to your website and start marketing. Want to make a website? In our blog you will find free tips.

5. Optimizing  always on-going

Getting more and more success

Making a successful website is not a one-time investment. That is why you can optimize your website yourself through the management system.

We also release software updates every week. This way you stay one step ahead and your website always stands out above the mowing field.

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Create a professional site

Fairly priced and worry-free

Complete management system
So you can do a lot yourself. With that, you manage your own website. Create layouts with widgets, manage customers, collect periodic payments, send invoices, and publish content. You can do everything yourself.
Hire a professional website builder
Only when needed. Stuck somewhere? Hire a professional. In a video workshop, we help you with your adjustments. You pay a fixed amount per hour. That way, you're never surprised and you can continue doing what you're good at.
Weekly software updates
Create your own website by yourself? You don't want to worry about website software. Don't worry. You receive new features, design, and security updates weekly. Even after delivery. This way, your website is always up-to-date