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Setting up a comparison site to generate passive income without supplying products or services yourself? With our comparison software you can build a comparison site. Without any fumbling or hassle.

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Want to build a comparison site that works fast and looks good? Want to create a comparison site where your users feel at home and can quickly find what they are looking for? You do this with StartPlatform's comparison website software.

Have a comparison site created to generate leads for providers. Consumers and companies are increasingly making comparisons before purchasing a product or service on the Internet. They are always looking for the best quality for the best price. That is why they like to do research on comparison sites.

A visitor buys directly on your website or is forwarded to the provider's website via your comparison site. Entrepreneurs find these visitors very important and are therefore willing to pay for this. Do you also want to generate income and build a comparison site? Contact us.

Having a comparison site made is very complicated.. That's right. Especially when you have to reinvent the wheel. With StartPlatform's comparison software you can build a comparison site in no time with standard building blocks. Literally anything you imagine is possible.

Are you going to build a comparison site? We set up the structure for you, tailor the design to your target group and we do that for a fixed price. Then you do all the configurations you need yourself. But can't you figure it out? Please contact us. Then we help.

Have a comparison site built and make it a success? Anyone can create a comparison site with our comparison software. The success of comparison sites, however, lies in the range they offer. How will you distinguish yourself with our comparison site software?

Build a comparison site? Creating a comparison site with our comparison site software offers various solutions. You can let providers publish their offer. But, you can also publish offers yourself via our comparison software. Which strategy do you choose?

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Set up a comparison website

Set up a comparison website

This makes our sites effective

Set up an effective comparison site
Users feel totaly at ease because of our designs. They are completely tailored to them.
Building a reliable comparison site
You no longer have to worry about overload. Our sites work anytime, anywhere.
Create a simple comparison site
Determine prices and adding new products. With our SiteCMS, this is no problem.

Start a comparison site..

..tailored to your target group

Is your target audience introverted or extroverted? Subdued or exuberant? It does not matter. With us you can have a comparison site made that fits seamlessly with your target group.

Create a comparison site to generate B2B leads for businesses? Bring your B2B target group together. Publish the services or products for your business providers yourself or let companies publish its offer so that your own comparison site can generate leads for those companies.

Build a comparison website? Connect companies with each other by email or via the built-in messaging system. Generate monthly income with subscriptions for publishing services or sell your providers' offerings yourself via the shopping cart functionality.

Do you want to set up a comparison site for shoes, drones or gyms? It does not matter. With our comparison software you can have your own comparison site built with which you can reach consumers for your business providers.

Let consumers respond to B2C offers by means of fill-in forms or the private' messaging system. Let business providers take out a subscription to your own comparison site so that they can publish its services and / or products. Do you want to build a comparison site for your own offer? Publish the B2C offer yourself with our comparison software.

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Building a comparison website

Creating a comparison site

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Good comparison software

Comparison software is good if your visitors don't notice it. Create a comparison site? You see the importance of good comparison software, especially in the event of problems. Don't worry about our comparison site software.

Create a comparison site state-of-the-art

Set up a comparison site? Our comparison software works quickly. Very quick. Your visitors can search without burdening the database and therefore without page refreshes. Do you want to make a small or a large comparison site? It does not matter. Our comparison software is suitable for every application.

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