What we do?

Platforms, but with SaaS

We ensure that your company is excellently present online with a site, shop, or platform. Equipped with effective design, strong visibility, and state-of-the-art technology. And the best part.. We update your website every week.

SaaS since 2022
For 15 years, we created custom websites. However, they become outdated. That's why we launched our SaaS in 2022. This way, we keep websites up-to-date with a smart infrastructure, ensuring your website always stands out.

The Right Focus
With StartPlatform, you no longer have to deal with updates. You receive weekly design and security updates, as well as new features. All of this without extra costs. This allows you to keep focusing on what you do best.

What we do?

Create Professional Websites

According to Your Wishes, Worry-Free

Building your own website that your visitors love to use. This way, you create digital impact. With our website software, we can create your website together without you having to worry about design, speed, and security updates. We ensure that it works and keep it up-to-date 24/7.

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Our SaaS is perfectly applicable as

All-in website
A complete website for your business. Suitable for all devices and optimized for Google. We design, build, and place content.
All-in webshop
We create a profit-oriented webshop. Beautiful and easy to manage. We handle everything! You publish and ship the products.
All-in platform
Connect members online. Generate income through subscriptions. Bring forth your plan, and we will set up your complete platform together.

Making Customers Happy

Working Joyfully Without Bosses

Working joyfully on sustainable website software. Happy customers can thus get a website created with a small investment.

Solution for Users
Our website software provides a solution that serves your user best. In this way, we achieve the goal of your user and consequently, your goals as well.

Working without Bosses
We work without bosses in a trusted environment. Our colleagues take on responsibility. This is how we achieve results and work with pleasure.

Continuously Improving
Not only from 9 to 5, but also in the evenings, a lot is learned, and our website software is improved. This way, you always stay one step ahead.

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What we do?

Get an all-inclusive website created

Including everything you need

When we say all-in, we truly mean all-in. Our SaaS is equipped with everything you need. This way, you create page layouts yourself, publish all desired content, and manage your entire administration.

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Your Business is Our Business...

...and we dive into that

We empathize with your visitors. We contemplate how we can serve them best. We provide a solution that contributes to that.

No Dirty Tricks
Design and technology are harmonized in your website. No dirty tricks. You get a website that meets the latest standards.

No Open Source
Our website software is closed and built on a solid foundation. As a result, it's scalable, easy to maintain, and expandable.

Never Overpay
You don't pay development costs, only for what you use. As a result, you never overpay. We're ready to grow further with you.

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What we do?