Online membership management
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  • Registration by website
  • Automatic pay debit
Online membership management software

Set up membership management

Online membership management software

When the success of your foundation increases then you will discover that setting up a good online membership administration forms the basis of your foundation. Set up online membership management software? Don't wait too long with that..

With Start-Platform you can set up your online membership management software. It does not matter what you need a membership management for. Do you have an association, a foundation, a dating site or a supply and demand website? Our online membership administration is designed for every application.

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Set up membership management software

Membership management software

Managing data, membership and reporting

Member administration in Excel? Stop that! Manage the data of your members with our member administration for a simple overview.
Link a membership to a member in your membership management and let our software debit the membership with automatic debit.
You can easily keep track of the financial management for any desired period within your online membership administration via a simple interface.

Grip on your membership management

Manage all your members yourself

Within the online membership management software you will find an overview of all your members. What is their gender, what kind of membership do they have, since when have they been a member and until when have they been paid? You will find all important information in the online membership management. It couldn't be simpler.

For each member within the online membership management of your foundation, association or online platform you manage the data. Of course you can search for members with handy filters. In addition, you can deny members access, view the payment history and change the rights.

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More than membership management

StartPlatform offers you much more

Comprehensive reports