Costs to build a platform

Fixed amounts, no surprises

Online platform costs? Launch in 14 days for the lowest platform price of €1999. Are you curious about all the costs of an online platform? We work with three packages. The difference is only in the number of members and items.

  Online platform costs Platform S For starters.
Launch platform.
Most populair Online platform price MPlatform M More income
with bigger platform.
Platform laten maken kosten Platform L Step over
to StartPlatform.
Items   5.000 10.000 25.000
Members   5.000 10.000 25.000
Set-up time 14 days 30 days 30 days
Training   2 hrs 3 hrs 3 hrs
Help   2 hrs 5 hrs 5 hrs
SEO friendly        
24/7 updates        
E-mail support      
Phone support      
+ €149 p/m
+ €249 p/m
+ €449 p/m
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Need more than 25,000 members or additional features?
We make a special proposal.


Costs building online platform

Depending on your wishes

Curious about the costs of an online platform? The platform costs depend on your wishes. Do you want to know what a platform costs when you have it custom made? The platform price is then determined by the options you want to offer your members, but will probably be around 50,000 euros.

We have more than 15 years of experience in platform development with our parent company Vcreations. We have developed our platform software with that experience. Do you prefer low platform costs? Then you can start confidently with our Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Are you ready for custom developments? Then we will separate your project from our Platform as a Service (PaaS) and we can still do all the custom developments that you have in mind.

The revenue model is simple. You determine the price per paying member. If you ask 10 euros per month and you have 250 paying members, you will earn 2500 euros per month. You do not pay us anything and you pay approximately 30 cents transaction costs per debit. Cost of setting up an online platform? Start from 1999 euros.

Are you a starter and curious about the costs of an online platform? We advise to always start with our Basic PaaS. That platform works just as well as our Medium PaaS. The only difference is in the maximum number of members allowed.

Do you have a PaaS at Start platform and do you need an upgrade? No problem! You carry out the upgrade yourself. We will increase your subscription and you will not pay any migration costs. Cost of building an online platform? With us you are guaranteed to pay the lowest platform price of 1999 euros.

With Start platform you do not incur extra costs for updates. This is due to our unique Platform as a Service solution. We keep your software up-to-date free of charge. That is very valuable compared to a custom platform. With a custom platform, you have to have all updates made yourself and therefore also pay.

In addition to the one-time setup costs, we use a platform price of 149 euros per month for the hosting. Unfortunately you cannot avoid that. On the other hand, we have also included the maintenance of our servers within this monthly platform price.

Online platform costs