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A forum is a public platform where users can communicate or discuss with each other. Users can ask each other questions, share experiences, knowledge, and tips or have other conversations. Do you also want to set up a successful forum? Discover the possibilities!

Create a forum in which topics can be divided into different categories. The messages are archived, so a conversation can be held over a longer period of time. Forums with or without registration? You decide it all yourself.

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Building an effective forum
Start a forum that looks nice and is very easy to use. Because of this, he is understood by everyone.
Set up a reliable online forum
Build a forum developed that is based on powerful and, above all, safe software.
Easy forum development
Set up a forum that you can easily manage yourself. You can do that with our easy management system.

Benefits forum

Built a community

You can have a separate forum developed, or as an extra function on an existing site. Building a forum has several advantages. Users can easily communicate with each other and publish content. Start your own forum?

Having a forum built also creates a sense of community among your site visitors. A forum helps build a community, making users feel involved and return to your site more often. Starting a forum?

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Start a forum

Creating a platform

We have more than 15 years of experience

Build a forum with many standard built in functions

Build a secure forum

With powerful portal software

A successful forum has many users and posts. Therefore, they must be equipped with powerful forum software. Our forums are based on the Elasticsearch and Phalcon PHP framework. This allows them to withstand the highest loads. Easy forum setup?

Your forum is linked to SiteCMS, our management system. This makes it very easy to manage your forum yourself. Do you want to create a topic, assign rights to users, or set up a swear word filter? With SiteCMS, this is all possible!

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