Create a member website

Build your own membership site
  • Connect your members online
  • Own website with member login
  • Income from subscriptions
  • Manage a member site yourself
create a membership site

Create a membership website

Facilitate online contact with members

Do you want to set up a membership site to connect members online? At StartPlatform you can build your own membership website. Launch a membership website in 14 days for 1999 euros.

A member website is a website with a member login. Members can sign up for this and then get in touch with other members. Members can search for and chat with other members. The purpose of creating a membership site includes making money or simply bringing members together for a specific purpose. Such a goal could be online dating, for example. Do you want to create a membership website? Contact us.

You probably create a membership site to generate extra income. You are about to connect members with each other for probably a specific purpose. Your members are willing to pay for it. Payments are debited from your members with our member site software by direct debit. This way you generate a passive income and you do not have to worry about the administration.

Do you want to build a membership website? It doesn't matter for which application you do that. Our member site software is customizable for any application. For example, you can create a membership website for online dating, a community or for bringing together supply and demand on a kind of marketplace. For which application do you want to create a membership website? We like to think along with you.

Setting up a membership site is quite a lot if you haven't done that before. For example, you can create a membership site with Wordpress. There are various templates and plug-ins with which you can set up a membership site yourself. But do you make a good one? We relieve you from A to Z. We do this with ready-made member site software and take you through the process with workshops and manuals.

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building a membership site

How to build your own membership site?

We arrange the following for you

Build a membership site tailored to your members
Are they subdued or exuberant, introverted or extroverted? It does not matter. We immerse ourselves in your members and seamlessly tailor your member site to them.
No problem. You can start a membership site secure
Don't worry about security. All data of you and your members is stored securely and we keep your member site up-to-date. We will make it GDPR compliant.
Manage your own member website. Without hassle
Want to create your own membership website? Approve a member, view records, and determine memberships. You really manage everything all by yourself.

Start a membership site..

..who is ready for the real work

We have experience in building member sites since 2004. We therefore know what works and what doesn't work. We focus on the following in your website:

Set up a KISS member site

Create a membership site with KISS. That stands for Keep It Stupidly Simple. We only show the bare essentials. As a result, everyone really knows how your website works. With our KISS approach you can set up a membership website with our member site software that generates more turnover. In addition, it saves you a lot of time on support.

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