Set up a chat site

Members chat with connections
  • Chat and browse at the same time
  • Chat with all your connections
  • Chat with audio and video
  • See directly who is online

Create a chat site

Complete chat software

Want to start a chat site? You can start right away with our software. Your members can chat with their connections. They can see briefly who is online. You click on a connection to chat. The chat window will pop up on the bottom corner of the screen.

 Chatsite opzetten

Your members chat

With their connections in the network

Want to build a chat site where your members can chat with multiple connections, and search for other members at the same time? That is of importance for us as well. Our software is thought-out and easy to use.

Chat software

This is central

Chat with connections
A chat software where paying members can chat with mutual interests.
Video chat
Build a chat site equipped with video chat.
Chat and browse
Your members simultaneously browse and chat with multiple connections.

Start a video chat site

Chatting against payments

Want to start a chat site where members must pay to chat? This is obvious for our chat software. Decide how much members must pay to chat. Want to start a video chat site? The chat is equipped with  video chat.

We collaborate with Open Tok. Open Tok is one of the largest providers of video streaming services. Start own video chat site? Our chat software has an affordable solution. A chat site made for your target audience.