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Creating your own auction site

Setting up an auction site

Exciting bidding experiences

Building your own auction site? Your visitors can easily search for lots, set lot alerts, add lots to favorites, and bid online on lots when they are ready.

Responsive auction software
Your customers bid with all devices and from any location on lots. With a mobile device at the auction house or with a tablet at home on the couch.. Placing a bid is done with a simple action and is processed in real-time.

Lot and bid alerts
Want to build a auction website with reach? The auction software prepares your visitors for placing a bid. They receive an alert for every interesting lot added and for every outbid.


Auction-site creation

Make your own auction site

This is central in our auction software

ROI of creating an auction site
Increase revenue by selling more lots. The ROI-focused auction software encourages buyers to take action.
Secure online auction software
Don't worry. All data of your buyers and sellers is securely stored in our auction software.
Manage everything yourself
Publishing a lot, setting search filters, and managing administration? You do it all yourself with StartPlatform.

Build custom auction site

Everything is fully customizable

With our auction software, you determine the layout of your lot overviews and lot pages. You set search filters in no time and determine the increment amounts and extension times. Building an auction site? You get full control.

Complete administration
Starting your own auction site and not too much hassle with administration? Our auction software is automated. With automatic invoices to the winner and notifications to the losers.

Determine who sells
Do you want to set up an auction site to auction off your own products or do you want to give sellers the opportunity to sell through your auction platform? Everything you can think of is possible with our auction software.


Building your own auction site

Make an auction site yourself

Most comprehensive auction software

With our page editor, you have full control over the content and layout of your auction website. You can customize everything to your wishes and needs. With our layout creator, you can easily and quickly create attractive and professional designs that impress your visitors. In short, with our auction software, you have everything you need to build a profitable auction website.

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