Page management

Without a hassle
  • Make your own layouts with dozens of widgets
  • Publish text, photos, videos and maps
  • Enjoy beautiful design in your corporate identity
  • Score relevant visitors through Google
Page management

Manage your own web pages

News, references or landing pages..

Publish any type of content
.. Of course you want to be able to change everything yourself. It doesn't matter what kind of content you publish. Add landing pages, share experiences and post photos? You can do it with our platform software in an instant. It works with KISS (Keep it Short Stupit). As a result, our patform software surpasses among others WordPress.

Create your own layouts
Formatting pages is not necessary. You fill in the standard fields. Our platform software determines the further layout. And we determined that layout together with setting up your platform. You create your own layout for each page type. All pages of that type get exactly the same layout without you having to do any stunts.

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Page management

Versatile page management

Which is still easy to use

High in Google
Google will understand the pages on your platform completely. Resulting in more relevant visitors.
Always up to date
We keep your managing system up to date with the cloud-structure. That way you always have the latest version.
Easy as can be
The managing system has endless possibilities. However, you can still manage without much expertise.

Multiple possibilities

For you to manage your pages

  • Extensive text editor
  • Manage pages effortlessly
  • Add unlimited menu options
  • Including beautiful photo albums 
  • Publish news effortlessly 
  • Set up unlimited filters 
  • One contact person per page 
  • Credentials, news and vacancies
  • Up to date for free by the cloud
  • Made specifically for you
  • You decide who manages
Page management