Manage pages

Without a hassle
  • Create your own landing pages
  • Decide the text formatting
  • Add pictures and videos 
  • Easy to find on Google
Manage pages

Manage the pages on your platform 

News, references or landing pages... want to change it all. Would you like to add landing pages, share experiences, and post pictures? This is a piece of cake for SiteCMS. SiteCMS works with KISS (Keep It Short Stupit). That is why it surpasses other software such as WordPress.

There is no need to format pages. You just fill in the basic fields. Your platform will decide the rest of the format based on the theme we have decided when setting up your platform. We also keep SiteCMS up to date with a smart cloud system. This keeps your data safe.

Manage pages

Versatile management system

Which is still easy to use

high in Google
Google will understand the pages on your platform completely. Resulting in more relevant visitors.
We keep your managing system up to date with the cloud-structure. Making sure that you always have the latest version.
Easy as can be
The managing system has endless possibilities. However, you can still manage without much expertise.

Multiple possibilities

For you to manage your pages

  • Extensive text editor
  • Manage pages effortlessly
  • Add unlimited menu options
  • Including beautiful photo albums 
  • Publish news effortlessly 
  • Set up unlimited filters 
  • One contact person per page 
  • Credentials, news and vacancies
  • Up to date for free by the cloud
  • Made specifically for you
  • You decide who manages
Manage pages