Have a webshop made

All-in-one webshop software
  • Convincing webshop design
  • Forever up-to-date software
  • Simple management environment
  • Start selling in 14 days

Complete webshop now €999 + €49 p/m

Have a webshop made

Have a good webshop made

More orders by more customers

Nowadays you can have a webshop made in every alley. But is that one that also brings in customers? In our webshop software, design and technology are perfectly attuned to each other. That's how you stick out above ground level. Have a webshop built? We will help you.

Do you want to have a webshop made and super fast results? We know how to make your webshop work. No busy templates with a lot of fuss like with your neighbor. We build your webshop with a proven structure. It is simple and effective. This way everyone knows how it works and you can get started quickly.

Are you going to be bumbling with Wordpress yourself or do you want to arrange it super well? All blind spots have been taken into account in our software. It works fast and is easy to understand by Google. We unburden you completely. No more hassle with updates. We keep your webshop up-to-date. This way you always stay one step ahead.

Have a cheap webshop made? Do not opt ​​for a tailor-made webshop! Everything we learn is applied in all web stores we manage. This way, your online store meets the latest standards at all times. You pay a fixed monthly amount for this and are never faced with surprises.

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Have a webshop built

Have a professional webshop built

Our webshop software focuses on the following

Profitable shop
We encourage your visitors to take action and provide your shop with up-selling techniques. As a result, more and more orders are ordered, so that you generate more turnover.
Easy to find (SEO)
An online store without visitors is like a car without wheels. We make sure Google understands everything. This way your online store will be found better and you will get more visitors.
Up-to-date shop
Have a webshop made? No fumbling and hassle with updates. We keep your webshop up-to-date 24/7. While you're reading this, we're probably rolling out another update.

Effective webshop

Just beautiful won't get you there

Sell online? You will not get there with just a beautiful webshop. Have an effective webshop made that is designed in your corporate identity, insanely well. We do it with KISS (Keep It Short and Simple).

Get more orders
Having a webshop made that yields more. Thanks to KISS, your visitor immediately knows how it works. No distractions or other fuss. We make sure that everyone really understands. Do you want to have a webshop made?

Our proven approach
We make the design, do a basic layout and add sample products. After delivery you can fully tweak your webshop. Make layout adjustments, publish products, determine your search filters and start selling. Does not it work? We are here for you.

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have a webshop built

Have a complete webshop made

Receive more than one webshop

Have a very complete webshop built? We provide your webshop with more than you need immediately. Including a customer system, invoicing software and an extensive management system.

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Complete shop

Have a professional webshop made with iDeal and everything you need to immediately start selling online. We provide your shop with:

  • Great product display
  • Can be used on any device
  • Extremely fast with Elasticsearch
  • Add endless products
  • Search product with filters
  • Adjustable greetings
  • Of course secure with SSL
  • Effective: more leads
  • Good call to actions
  • Extensive reporting module
  • AVG-proof incl. cookie notification

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complete webshop software