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Build a booking site

Availability for you and your members

With our booking software, you and your members can receive appointments through your own booking site. Want to get your own booking site built? Start quickly offering vacation rentals, renting cars, or selling beauty packages.

Set up an all-in-one booking site
With our booking software, you don't tie systems together. You can get a complete booking site created. We build your booking website; you publish your availability, receive reservations, and online payments.

Create an affordable booking site
Want to get a booking site created quickly? We do it with standard building blocks. That way, we'll be done in two weeks. You know what's the best part? No fumbling with updates. With our booking software, you always have the latest version.

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build a booking site

Want to make a booking website?

We focus on the following

Make a good booking website
We encourage visitors to take action. With filters, they quickly find the service they are looking for. With the software, they make an appointment quickly.
Create a secure appointment website
Don't worry! Your customer's data is securely stored in our booking software. It is reliable, and we ensure it always works quickly.
Manage everything yourself without hassle
Configure availability calendars, handle reservations, send review requests, and receive payments. You manage everything easily yourself with SiteCMS.

Set up a good booking site

We make it discoverable and with KISS

Create a booking site with KISS so that all your customers understand how it works. KISS stands for Keep it short and simple. Customer responses like 'That works easily' become natural with this approach.

Make a discoverable booking website
Setting up a booking site without SEO is like having a car without wheels. You won't get far. We have integrated the best SEO techniques into our booking software. As a result, you attract more relevant visitors through Google.

Build a unique booking site
Are your customers reserved or outgoing? It doesn't matter. We seamlessly tailor your booking website to their and your corporate identity. This way, it aligns with your customers' expectations, and they feel better understood.

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Create a booking site

Develop a complete booking site

You receive more than booking software

Set up your own booking site with complete booking software. No need to integrate systems. Manage your website, receive payments, send invoices, and control all availability calendars through our all-in-one booking software.

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How does booking software work?

Determine availability in a snap

Setting up a booking site is simple. You publish your offerings, determine availability, set the price, and specify how many times each product or service can be available simultaneously. Let the reservations come in.

Build a booking site with availability calendar
An availability calendar is the key component when creating a booking site. The customer selects a service and the desired time. The booking software calculates the price, and the customer makes a reservation. It can't get any simpler.

Manage Bookings
Want to get your own booking site built? You and your providers manage all bookings from a simple interface. Add bookings, reschedule them, and receive payments. You have complete control.

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