Create an affiliate website

Invest in passive income
  • Have an affiliate website made
  • Sell products from others
  • Income without own stock
  • Manage everything yourself
Create an affiliate website

Start with affiliate marketing

We build your website..

..and you'll do the rest. Want to create an affiliate website? You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Our software is well thought out. It has a good design, can be found with Google and you can manage everything yourself. Without bumbling. Can't figure it out? Then you fall back on our web agency and we help you on your way.

Create an affiliate website with KISS

You won't get there with just some pretty web pages. With us you can have an affiliate website built that makes complete sense. We do this using the KISS principle. It stands for (Keep It Short And Simple). As a result, everyone understands how your website works and your website delivers more.

Are you going to start affiliate marketing? Whether your target group is modest or exuberant and introverted or extroverted… It doesn't matter. We will delve into your target group and seamlessly tailor your website to theirs. Do you want to build an affiliate website? We guide you from A to Z.

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Why build an affiliate website with StartPlatform?

Get more return from affiliate marketing

Set up a affiliate website with ROI
Return On Investment. That's what starting an affiliate website is all about. We therefore help you quickly with our standard software, so that you can immediately start generating leads.
Create an affiliate website with SEO
Because Google understands our software, you are more likely to score good positions with your affiliate marketing efforts. This makes creating an affiliate website more profitable.
Earning model starting an affiliate website
Create an affiliate website for extra income. PPS (Pay Per Sale), PPL (Pay Per Lead)? It doesn't matter how you want to be paid. StartPlatform works with any revenue model.

Create an affiliate website

Monetize leads for others

Want to build your own affiliate website? With StartPlatform you can create an affiliate website that works. This way you can generate income without having to supply a product or service yourself. You then generate leads for others and receive a commission with every sale.

An affiliate website is a website that promotes products or services of providers in order to generate income on a commission basis per sale. Do you want to have an affiliate website made? You can build an affiliate website for different types of affiliate marketing.

This way you can have an affiliate webshop built. You run a webshop, without physical stock. You can also create an affiliate website for reviews or sharing information that links to a provider's website.

You start an affiliate website to promote products or services of others. Can you provide interesting information that lets visitors on your own affiliate website click through to your provider's website? Then you can probably make an affiliate website successful.

Setting up an interesting affiliate website.. What is that? Interesting information can consist of: a large offer that your visitors can compare, specific information that entices your visitors to navigate through or providing product / service reviews.

Why build an affiliate website? Many advertisers and publishers benefit from affiliate marketing. Every month they earn hundreds to thousands of euros. You can join that. Top reasons for creating an affiliate website?

Easy to start: Setting up an affiliate website can be done at a low cost. You only need a website to get started and you can have an affiliate website built at StartPlatform for 699 euros.

Not much attention required: Running an affiliate website does not always require attention. Many affiliate marketers run an affiliate website in addition to their full-time jobs or they travel a lot while running their site.

Unlimited large revenue model:  Why build an affiliate website? Well, the bigger you can make your affiliate website, the more you will earn.  You can make your revenue model infinitely large by investing time.

Create an affiliate website without risks: Unlike setting up other businesses, you can create an affiliate website yourself. You do not have to enter into long-term contracts and therefore run no financial risks. 

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Build an affiliate website?

We have all the features you need

Do you want to build an affiliate website? StartPlatform offers all the features you need to make your affiliate website a success. Search offer with filters, search with Google maps, search engine friendly techniques and receive payments yourself. Don't reinvent the wheel.

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Setting up an affiliate website

High or Low ticket affiliate marketing

What are you going to focus on? Do you focus on more sales with lower commissions or do you go for high commissions with lower sales numbers? Opt in advance for a strategy based on low or high ticket affiliate marketing.

High ticket affiliate marketing

Are you going to set up an affiliate website to promote expensive products or services? Then you will start with high ticket affiliate marketing. With this form of affiliate marketing you generate less sales than with low ticket affiliate marketing, but the commission per sale can be up to 8,000 euros. 

Low ticket affiliate marketing

With Low ticket affiliate marketing, the commissions are a lot lower, but those products or services are easier to sell. As a result, you generate more sales and your turnover with low ticket affiliate marketing can also increase considerably. Do you prefer low ticket or high ticket affiliate marketing?

Build your own affiliate website?

Low ticket and High ticket affiliate marketing are difficult to combine on a website. The reason for that is simple. For high ticket affiliate marketing, your website needs a chic look to entice the target audience. While with low ticket affiliate marketing you want the bargain hunter look.

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