What is an online platform?

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Why an online platform and no website? Developing an online platform is almost the same as developing a website. But what does an online platform actually mean? An online platform is sort of the same thing as a website, the difference between a website and an online platform is that they have other properties. Also takes an online platform more time to develop then a normal website, because of that you will pay more for an online platform then a website. An online platform also needs maintenance, there will be costs associated with this as well.

Why an online platform?

Why an online platform? That's a good question. Not only do people develop an online platform to put their company on the market. People also develop online platforms to connect members with each other and create a community. Your goal is making your members collaborate. Members could be people, company’s and also people who want contact with companies.

Properties of an online platform

The most important property of an online platform is that members can arrange matters on their own on a platform. Online platforms do this by matching supply and demand, by offering them different contact options and by bringing people together at the right time with a specific goal.

A good example of matching supply and demand is Uber, Uber is a platform for people who need to be transported somewhere. On Uber you have drivers (supply) and the people who need a ride (demand). Uber matches these on their platform.

Revenue model with an online platform

People don't develop online platforms because they like it so much, their goal is to generate income. That's also the main reason for online platform development. Online platforms bring members together to achieve goals. Platforms save time for your members and time is the most valuable asset. Members are willing to pay for these contact moments in order to achieve their goals. 

There are a lot of revenue models with online platforms, for example:

  • Subscriptions: members take out a membership to use your platform. The monthly amount is usually collected automatically.
  • Credits: some members don't want to be tied to a subscription. Platforms then respond smartly by working with credits. Members buy credits and then pay a credit for a certain action on the platform.
  • Advertisement: some members don't want to pay for anything. But then the platform cannot exist. Platforms then cleverly respond to this by selling advertising space.

What is an online platform?

To give an answer on the question: what is an online platform? An online platform is a website but then with a higher degree of interactions between members. As an online platform you match demand and supply to achieve the goals of your members.