How to create a job board site? 9 tips

9 tips for creating a job board site

How to create a job board site? Unemployment has never been so low. A lot of staff is being sought and there is therefore competition from other job boards. Before you build a job board site, you must therefore start well prepared. In this article we give you 9 tips for building a job board site.

How to build a job board site?

9 tips for building a job board website

Tip 1: Target your job board site on a niche

Do you want to know how to create a job board site with succes? Then focus on a niche. You are not going to beat the well-known general job boards such as Indeed and Monsterboard. Choose a niche that fits well with your own interests. This way you run your own job board site with more pleasure and you also keep it up longer.

Tip 2: Prepare a plan

Creating a job site can be done in many ways. How are you going to do it? Map out who your target audience is. How do you reach employers for your vacancy offer? How do you get the candidates on the website? How do you ensure that employers and candidates will use your own job board site correctly? The answers to all these questions form the foundation for your next steps.

Tip 3: determine your budget

You can create a job site for practically any budget. The lower your budget, the more you have to do yourself. Do you want employers to post vacancies or do you post them? Job vacancies can be posted by employers via an employer portal. That entails additional costs. For example, such a portal costs 100 euros extra with the job board software of StartPlatform. What is your budget? Find a solution that fits well.

Tip 4: Map the features you need 

Are you going to create a job board website? Everything is possible in it. Think of posting vacancies by employers, accounts for candidates, online chat between employers and candidates, online payment options for posting vacancies and how about searching for vacancies with search filters and a map view. Literally anything you can think of is possible when building a job board site. 

Tip 5: choose vacancy software with good search filters

Are you going to build a job board site? The search system is the basis for this. Therefore, make sure you have a clear list of vacancies. Do you have more than 50 vacancies open? Then make it searchable with filters. This way candidates find the best vacancies that suit them. Have you heard of job alerts? Have candidates save the searches and leave their email address. Your vacancy software can then automatically email them when a vacancy is added that matches the saved search. 

Tip 6: keep the design simple

You won't get there by just building a beautiful job board website. Make sure that the design is logical above all. Your job board website does not have to be more beautiful than your neighbor's. Make the things that matter stand out. Don't let users search for application forms, make overviews and vacancy pages easy to scan, make sure employers can easily post vacancies, let candidates register quickly and make sure everything is designed consistently. Consistency increases professionalism, which increases trust and that in turn increases conversion on your job site. And you would like that, because that way your job site will yield more. 

Tip 7: social media share buttons

Are you going to build a job board site? Make sure that everyone can share your vacancies on social media. You can add such share buttons in no time at all. Make sure that when someone shares a vacancy that a nice advertisement for that vacancy page is displayed. This can be taken into account when building a job site. 

Tip 8: focus on SEO

Creating a job board site without SEO is like waiting at a train station for a boat. Make sure your job board site stands out from the crowd and that you learn or outsource the tricks of SEO. A job board site with Good SEO attracts more free visitors through Google. Therefore, write vacancy texts that contain the right keywords. You can find this out via the keyword planner within Google Ads. Also choose job board software that can be linked to Google for Jobs. Many people start looking for a new job through Google. Especially for this, Google launched Google for Jobs a few years ago and you can ensure that your vacancies are automatically entered there.

Tip 9: seek help for the parts you cannot do yourself

You can do a lot yourself. But are you doing this right? When in doubt, seek advice. This is often possible with your job board website builder. 

Help with creating a job board site?

Do you want to create a job board website? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you with our ready-to-use job board software. It is equipped with all the functions you need for a successful job board website.

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