How to create a job board site? 9 tips

9 tips for creating a job board site


How can I set up a job board website? Unemployment has never been lower. There is a high demand for staff and as a result, there is competition from other job sites. Therefore, it is important to start a job board with careful planning. In this article, we provide you with 9 tips for setting up a job board.

How can I set up a job board?

Here are our 9 tips for building a job board:

1: Set up a job board for a niche

If you want to create a good job website, focus on a niche. You will not beat well-known general job boards like Indeed and Monsterboard. Choose a niche that fits well with your own interests. This way, you will run your job board with more pleasure and you will stick to it longer.

2: Make a plan for creating a job board

Setting up a job board can be done in many ways. How are you going to do it? Identify your target audience. How will you reach employers for your job offerings? How will you get candidates on the website? How will you ensure that employers and candidates use your job board? The answers to all these questions form the foundation for your next steps.

3. Build a job board within your budget

Creating a job board can be done on practically any budget. The lower your budget, the more you will have to do yourself. Do you want employers to place job offers or will you do it yourself? Letting employers place job offers can be done through an employer portal. This comes with additional costs. Such a portal costs an additional 100 euros with the job board software of StartPlatform, for example. What is your budget? Find a solution that fits well with that.

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4. Identify features for your job board

Are you going to have a job board created? Literally anything is possible in that. Think of:

  • job offers placed by employers;
  • accounts for candidates;
  • online chat between employers and candidates;
  • online payment options for job offers;
  • search for job offers with search filters and a map display.

Literally anything you can think of can be done when setting up a job board.

5. Choose job board software with search filters and alerts

Are you going to build your own job board? The search system is one of the most important parts of a job board website. Make sure it meets the following requirements:

  • The search system is the basis for this. Therefore, provide an organized list of job offers;
  • If you have more than 50 job offers open, make them searchable with filters. This way, candidates will find the best job offers that fit them;
  • Ensure that Google can index the search filters. This way, your job offers will rank higher in Google;
  • Benchmark the speed of the search system. If the job software responds slowly, choose other job software. This determines a large part of the success of your job site;
  • Choose job software where you can determine all search filters yourself. This way you can quickly anticipate your job offering and the search behavior of your candidates;
  • Make sure your candidate can sort the job offer based on all important characteristics;
  • Ever heard of job alerts? Let candidates save their search queries by leaving their email address. Your job software can then automatically email them when a job is added that matches the saved search query.

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6. Creating a job site with a simple design

You can't just build a beautiful job website. Are you going to set up a job site? Keep in mind the following design standards:

  • Make sure the design is primarily logical. Your job website doesn't need to be more beautiful than your neighbor's.
  • Make sure the important things stand out;
  • Don't let candidates have to search for application forms;
  • Make overviews and job pages easy to scan;
  • Make it easy for employers to post job openings;
  • Let candidates sign up quickly;
  • Make everything consistently designed. Consistency increases professionalism, which increases trust, which in turn increases conversion on your job site. And that's what you want, because that way your job site will generate more revenue.

7. Ensure that jobs can be shared on social media

Are you going to start a job site? Make sure everyone can share your jobs on social media. You can easily add these share buttons. Make sure that when someone shares a job, a beautiful ad for that job page is displayed. You have control over that. This can be taken into account when building a job site.

8. Building a job site with good SEO

Starting a job site without SEO is like waiting for a boat at a train station. Make sure your job site stands out and that you learn the ins and outs of SEO or outsource this. A job site with good SEO attracts more free visitors via Google. Therefore, write job texts that contain the right keywords. You can find these keywords via the keyword planner within Google Ads. Also, choose job software that can be linked to Google for Jobs. Many people start looking for a new job via Google. Specifically for this, Google launched Google for Jobs a few years ago and you can ensure that your jobs are automatically included there.

9: Seek help for what you cannot do yourself

You can do a lot yourself. But are you doing it well? Seek advice when in doubt. This is often possible with your job website builder.

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