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State of the art platform development for your online business.

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Why create an online platform?

Because you think it can be done better

Start quickly with online platform development. Companies such as Uber benefit from the platform economy. Bring also supply and demand together. Connect people online so that they can arrange things among themselves. With building blocks we can build an online platform in no time.

Set up an online platform where you and your users can easily post content online. It is easy to find with filters. Users then come into contact with each other to start a new collaboration. They are happy to pay for that.” That can become your revenue model.

Have a digital platform built and configure it to your liking with building blocks? Set up your own digital platform for your desired application. Create a job board, advertising site, comparison site or an online platform for dating? You decide who searches, posts and pays for what content.

Have your own online platform made that remains up-to-date 24/7. You will receive new functions every week, even after delivery. We ensure that your platform is and remains safe. Setting up your own online platform? You pay a fixed amount per month for our Platform as a Service (PaaS), so you are never faced with surprises.

Pricing Solutions

Start an online platform

Create an online platform

This is standard in our platform software

We encourage your members to take action. As a result, they publish more content, and you will get more income.
High security
Be reassured. The data of your members' is stored securely. We will make your platform reliable.
Easy to manage
You can manage your platform by yourself. Without any hassle. You can do everything with our CMS.

Developing a Unique Platform

We Tailor It to Your Audience

Building a digital platform that perfectly aligns with your audience? Whether they are introverted or extroverted. Reserved or outgoing. We ensure it seamlessly meets their expectations. That's good for retention and encourages users to come back more often.

  • Create unique layouts with widgets
  • Activate the necessary features
  • Create summaries with search filters
  • Easily define your revenue model
  • Set up contact options quickly
  • Anticipate user feedback

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build an online platform

Build an online platform well prepared

So take a look at our tips and pitfalls

Develop your own platform? Start with good preparation. Check our blog.


Build a fast online platform

Good software does not stand out

Bringing thousands of members together online? You can have us make an online platform that processes a lot of data asynchronously. You can see the importance of the software, especially at high loads. No worries. Our software works. Do you want to have your own platform developed? We use a smart infrastructure. All updates are automatically added to all platforms with our software.

Our platforms are often used. Therefore also thoroughly tested. Register, chat, match and pay? It is ready in advance. Create a scalable online platform? With lazy loading you never pay too much for hosting.

Actually, every online platform works differently. That is why there are so many and more platforms are added every day. It is therefore better to formulate this question differently: What requirements must an online platform meet? This is determined by the wishes of the target group. Do you want to develop your own online platform? Map out the wishes of your target group.

With our Platform as a Service you can build your own platform. We have more than 15 years of experience in setting up tailor-made online platforms. That way we know what works and what doesn't. 90% of the basic functions in platforms correspond and we have therefore added them in our software.

Are you going to develop your own online platform? Then you get your own platform company. Simply put, this is a company with a website that facilitates online contact with members. The purpose of this contact is usually to establish cooperation between different parties or to mediate in trade.

You probably want to build an online platform to generate income. That is why a platform company has a revenue model. This can consist of subscription fees, sales of advertising spaces or the use of credits that members must purchase for contact options.

Do you like to create an online platform for free? Create a platform for free is possible. For example, you can create a platform with Wordpress. Building a platform with Wordpress can be done by using the right templates and plugins. But beware: Watch out for custom platform development. Custom platform development can make updating more difficult. This makes your platform susceptible to hackers.

Unfortunately, you cannot build a free online platform with us. We know the market and know that our price / quality ratio is excellent. We have added all functions that are normally built into a platform of 50 to 100 thousand euros in our Platform as a Service (PaaS). Do you want to build a cheap platform to explore your market? With our software you can build an online platform yourself. Request a free demo of our PaaS.

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