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E-commerce platform

Your Own E-commerce Platform

Bring Demand and Supply Together

Do you want to have your own e-commerce platform built? Bring buyers and sellers together on your e-commerce platform and contribute to realizing their goals. We offer you the software you need to develop an e-commerce platform. This software is very comprehensive.

As a result, you can set up your own e-commerce platform within 30 days for a fixed amount of 1900 euros. We seamlessly align the look and feel of your platform with your members. Then the real work begins. You can configure and launch your e-commerce platform.

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develop sales platform

Build an e-commerce platform

This is at the core of our software

Build an effective e-commerce platform
Effective? Absolutely, the design is logical and conversion-focused. This results in more product publications, and your members respond sooner.
Launch a secure online e-commerce platform
Your data and that of your members are stored in a secure data center, and we keep your software up-to-date. Don't worry.
Run your own e-commerce platform
After setting up an e-commerce platform, you want to be able to act quickly. You have full control. With our software, you manage everything yourself.

Create an E-commerce Platform

How can I get started with that?

E-commerce platform development involves many aspects, including exploring your market, analyzing the competition, and setting up an entire e-commerce platform. We recommend thorough market research before you start setting up your own e-commerce platform.

Do you see an opportunity for success? Then you can have your own e-commerce platform developed. You can opt for a custom platform if you have a budget of around 50,000 euros. If not, choose our standard platform software for your concept.

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Get a sales platform made

Build an e-commerce platform

First, check our blog for tips and pitfalls

Don't fall into pitfalls like your predecessor. Check out our blog!

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Building an E-commerce Platform

Wait before building, prepare first

The costs of an online e-commerce platform depend on your preferences. If you want a custom platform, the costs can quickly reach around 50,000 euros. If you can manage with a standard software package, like the Start-platform package, the costs are 1900 euros + 149 euros per month.

If you want to develop a new e-commerce platform, try to keep the setup costs low. This way, you take less investment risk and can explore the market with a basic platform. If the success of the e-commerce platform increases, you can still implement all the developments you have in mind at that time.

It depends on the target audience that an e-commerce platform should cater to. Is the target audience reserved or outgoing? Are they highly educated or average? Can they see well or not so well? Many questions whose answers determine what an online platform should fulfill. If you want to build an e-commerce platform, thoroughly analyze your target audience before you start setting up a platform.

Do you want to create an e-commerce platform with WordPress? That can be a good choice. First, assess whether the right components for your needs are available because customizing WordPress can be expensive. Do you want to develop an e-commerce platform? Check the complete feature list of Start-platform.com.

Our own e-commerce platform software is built based on more than 15 years and dozens of platforms of experience we have gained with custom platform development at Vwebbdesign.nl. We have cast the components that are most needed in a SAAS. That way, almost anyone can get started with our platform software.

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