How to create an affiliate website?

6 steps to affiliate marketing success


Do you want to build an affiliate website that makes money popping out and are you therefore looking for the answer to the question 'How to create an affiliate website?'? When you are going to build an affiliate marketing website, it is important to go through a few steps properly. Do you want to build an affiliate marketing website in 6 steps? Then read on quickly.

Step 1: Choose niche for creating an affiliate site

It is best to choose a niche. Then you research a good affiliate program for that niche. When you have done that you can build an affiliate website and get started with the content. There are hundreds of niches for which you can create a successful affiliate site. But it is important that you find the niche interesting. That way you can last longer.  Therefore, choose a niche that matches your interests as much as possible. Some examples of niches with good affiliate programs: 

More and more people are traveling the world. As a result, people are often looking for advice. You can set up your own affiliate site to provide those people with that advice. You can recommend airline tickets, hotels, holiday parks and car rental companies. (you earn 25 cents for every click to Skyscanner) and (you receive 25% of the commission from every successful booking) offer an affiliate program for this niche. 

Health & Fitness:
Everyone is concerned about his or her health. That's why this is an interesting niche. For example, you can share information about vitamins, about losing weight, about workouts and the like. Do you want to create an affiliate site for this niche? The following parties offer an interesting affiliate program: eVitamins, Obe Fitness and Fitbit. 

Crypto and Trading
Setting up an affiliate site for earning money and about entrepreneurship is extremely popular. Topics can be: Setting up a webshop, starting drop shipping, starting crypto trading and trading certain stocks. The following providers offer a good affiliate program: Shopify (you earn up to 2000 euros per sale), Binance (you earn 20% commission) and StartPlatform (you earn up to 25% commission). 

Step 2: Good products for affiliate marketing website

Do you want to have an affiliate site made? Then it is important that you promote good products. Stay focused on your niche. This makes you come across as the expert in that niche. 

Search product on affiliate marketplace
Do you want to start an affiliate site and are you looking for good products? Look for that on Affiliate marketplaces. You can search there for the best performing affiliate marketing program in your niche. 

What are other affiliates promoting?
Also do some research on products that other affiliates are promoting. Research which products they promote and how they do it. You need to be sure that the product you want to promote is really worth the money. This way you can set up an affiliate site that gets a good reputation. 

Step 3: Average commission affiliate marketing

You don't build an affiliate website out of charity. Therefore, research carefully what the commission will be on the products you promote. Do not only look at the height of the commission. Products with a higher commission often require more marketing effort. As a result, you generate fewer sales numbers, so that the turnover you enjoy can theoretically turn out lower than with products with a low commission percentage. 

Promote product on existing affiliate website?
Have you previously created an affiliate website on which you already receive regular visitor numbers? Then especially promote products that convert well with your target group. This way you score leads with not too much marketing effort. The conversion rate then becomes less important. 

Check out how commission is measured
Starting an Affiliate Site to Make Money? Research per product how the commission is measured. Opt for the programs that work with cookie-based tracking links. Those are the most honest. You will receive a unique tracking link for each product. You promote the product on your website.

Why cookie-based tracking?
Every sale is automatically registered when a visitor visits the product's website via that link and orders the product there. If that visitor does not order immediately, but later returns to the website of the product that you are promoting, that visitor is registered with a cookie. You will still receive commission when the order is placed.

Step 4: Build your own affiliate website

Have you finished your preparations and do you want to build an affiliate website?

Domain name for affiliate website
First, think of a good domain name. The domain name should be short and sweet. Do you want to create an affiliate website? You can build an affiliate website with StartPlatform in different ways. 

Different types of affiliate websites
You can have an affiliate website made, an affiliate webshop made or an affiliate comparison site built. In addition, you can set up StartPlatform for an affiliate website for reviews.

Create an affiliate website with StartPlatform
It works simply. Choose the package that suits you. Do you want to inform? Then you can have your affiliate website made with a Site package. Do you want to sell online? Then you can have an affiliate webshop made with a Shop package. Do you want providers to post information themselves? Then choose a platform.

Step 5: Create content that you are going to promote

Have you had an affiliate website made? Then you can get started with the content. You can create content yourself. That works the best.

Create free content for affiliate website
Building a successful affiliate marketing website? You need a lot of content for that. Creating content is time consuming. To save time, you can combine homemade content with stock photos and videos., and offer free photos and videos.

Successful affiliate marketing website
Then create affiliate marketing content that works. Different types of content have already proven themselves for affiliate marketing. What type of content can you create for a successful affiliate marketing website? This includes user manuals, product reviews and product comparisons. 

Step 6: Promote the affiliate website

Setting up an affiliate marketing website without promotion is like a car without wheels. Is your content ready? Then you can start promoting your affiliate marketing website.

SEO for affiliate marketing website
Optimize your content for Google first. Do a keyword research and process the keywords in titles, in descriptions and in meta tags of the pages with which you promote your products. With link building you ensure that your content is increasingly found with Google. This form of promotion falls under the heading of SEO. 

Fast results with affiliate marketing website
Do you want to create an affiliate website and do you want fast results? Then SEO alone is not enough. In that case, promote your pages on social media, work on a good mailing list and promote your content with Google Ads. That way you get direct visitors to your website.