Online catalog

Offer in platform
  • Create your own layout
  • Set up search filters
  • Determine publishers
  • Generate leads
Create an online catalog

Set up an online catalog

It’s all about the catalog

Do you want to have vacancies published, bring supply and demand together or set up an eCommerce platform? All content is published on your platform with a catalog. That catalog must therefore be well organized. Fortunately, you can do that yourself with our platform software.

You determine what is in the overviews, what people can search for, what the page layout looks like, what can be sorted with and with which memberships your users can view the overviews. Everything that you think of, you can set up yourself in an second. That's so nice.


Build an online catalog

Have an online catalog made

Create an online catalog in 3 steps

Create an online catalog with properties
There is no catalog without properties. You first determine which properties are shown in your catalog, on which properties you should be able to filter and on which properties you can sort.
Create a layout for your online catalog platform
Each catalog has a different purpose. Are you going to rent out apartments? Then you want more space for images. Are you starting a job site? Then it comes down to properties. Compose the layout according to your needs.
Set up an online catalog for more conversion
Catalog created? Determine which users are allowed to publish content in your catalog and which membership is required. Set how the conversion is generated. Receive new leads!