Mollie payment provider

Linking API keys


We want to connect your platform to the Mollie payment provider. This requires a registration. It is best to do this when you have registered your platform at the KVK and the business bank account is available. 

You can sign up with Mollie here

Mollie recognizes you as a customer of Start-Platform after you register through this link. This makes the acceptance policy more flexible. It also ensures that we can serve you better.

You can log in when the registration is complete. In the menu, you will then see the 'API keys' under the 'Developer' menu item. Would you like to provide us with the Test API key and the Live API key?

With these keys we can connect the payment system to your platform. 

Mollie also needs 'Additional information'. This information can be provided by yourself via the homepage. 

We look forward to receiving these API keys in your response to our order confirmation.