Build a platform for soccer scouts

Connect football players, trainers, scouts and clubs

Build an online platform for scouting football players. Trainers, clubs, scouts and football players are matched on this scout platform with the aim of taking a new step in a football career. Thousands of members are active on this scout platform.

Build an online platform

For scouting soccer players

Do you want to build an online platform? It doesn't matter for which application. With StartPlatform you can launch your platform in no time. This platform was launched as one of the first online scout platforms.

Platform for soccer players
Scouts search on this platform by level, position, age and gender and find the best football players to strengthen their team.

Platform for soccer scouts
In addition, football players can put themselves in the spotlight with scouts, trainers and clubs. This enables them to make a professional step in their career sooner

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Build your own online platform

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