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Start your dating site, job board, sales platform, marketplace, comparison site, or any other website with users.

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Benefit from the platform economy

More and more entrepreneurs, like Werkspot, are benefiting from the platform economy. Bring together supply and demand by connecting people online so they can manage things themselves.

On a website with StartPlatform software, you and your users can easily place content online. It's easy to find with filters. Users then connect with each other to enter into new collaborations.

The website is entirely customizable by you. Easily tailor it for any application, such as jobs, ads, services, and/or products. You decide who can search, place content, and whether they have to pay for it.

We keep your software 24/7 up-to-date. You receive new features weekly, and we ensure that your website is secure. You pay a fixed amount per month, so you are never surprised.

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ROI: Profitable
Our software encourages users to take action. This results in more content being published, and you get more revenue.
Safe and fast
Rest assured, the data of your users is secure. We make your platform fast and reliable.
Manage it all yourself
Manage the platform without fumbling or hassle with our online platform software.

Build a Unique Platform

Beauty Alone Won't Cut It

Construct a platform that perfectly resonates with your audience, whether they are introverted or extroverted, subdued or outgoing. We ensure it seamlessly aligns with expectations, enhancing user retention and encouraging frequent returns.

Setting up a platform without unnecessary complexity? We follow KISS: Keep it Short and Simple. We prioritize effective simplicity, showcasing only what's essential. User comments like 'That's simple' become a natural outcome. 

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What kind of platform are you starting?

The software works for every application

Launching a job board, comparison site, marketplace, or online platform for dating? Start well-prepared with our platform software.

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That Will Make Your Success

Members sign up the way you want. Verification methods are possible: Chamber of Commerce validation, SMS verification, or a cent payment? You set it up.

Manage all your members with the member administration system. Search members with filters, view payment history, assign memberships, and manage members.

Create your catalog and let your members publish products and services or share content. You determine the layout of the overview entirely yourself.

Drag widgets to the desired location to determine your own layout per page type. Make your platform unique so that it fits perfectly with your members.

Advertisements, blogs, business registers, or testimonials? Anything you can think of. For every application, you create your own category with a unique layout.

Determine the search filters and layout for each overview. Quick search in the header or extensive search filters on the left? Set it up in no time.

Create memberships and set associated features. Your members can order memberships to use the features.

Do you want to debit subscriptions every month with automatic debit or do members make one-time purchases in your platform? Everything is possible!

All familiar contact options are built into your platform. Chat with connections, private messages, or contact via forms? You configure everything yourself.

Geographical searching is essential in a platform. Searching by location and a map view with search filters is considered natural.

Set up a matchmaker and automatically pair members based on interests. Enable search alerts per overview. Your platform emails your member with every match.

Are you going beyond borders with your platform and opting for a multilingual setup? Add all languages with translations yourself and launch internationally.

The best search engine techniques are integrated into your platform. Google understands it as well as your members, ensuring your platform is easily found.

Your platform comes with a complete webshop. You and your members publish products or services in it. People order and pay online.

A complete administration package is built into the software. You'll find all invoices, webshop orders, and revenue calculations in it.

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