Private messages

Send messages fast and safe
  • Send messages with emoji's
  • See who has read the messages 
  • WhatsApp interface
  • Made in your homestyle

Send simple messages

Allow your members to send messages

Your members can send messages with emoji's. They can do this in a hasty manner. We chose a WhatsApp-like interface. We tailored it specifically to your target audience. This makes it look custom made. 

They can see when a message is sent and received. Even better: they can see who has read the message. You can make it a paid messaging system. Members will have to purchase a membership to use the messaging system. 

Private messages
The messaging system is easy to use. New messages are on top and you can always create a new message.
More revenue
Purchase a membership to send messages. The messaging system is automatically triggered.
Have you read this?
Your members see who has received and read their message. That avoids a lot of frustration.