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Automated Earning

A job board site ensures that employers' vacancies are shown to employees and that they are brought together. Employees can filter and apply for vacancies. These responses will be forwarded to employers.

You earn income through subscriptions. This can be in the form of subscriptions or advertisements. Employers take out a subscription and can publish vacancies from this moment. The income is collected automatically.


Create job site

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Discover the three important aspects:

Building a smart job site
The design of a job board must be cleverly arranged by a combination of the right elements.
Create a reliable job board
Have a job board built that is fast and runs on reliable software, so all data is safe.
Job site management system
Members can manage their own accounts or jobs. You can easily adjust your job site yourself.

Set up a job site

Bring employers and employees together

We are going to build a job site that not only looks nice, but is also effective. So it contains all the necessary functions. Think of automatic processing of payments, applying search filters and your own login for users.

Create a job site that you manage yourself. Both employers and employees can take actions independently. That is why it is so nice that you can manage your site yourself. With SiteCMS, you can manage all user data and change data.

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