Earn money with an online platform


Earning Money with Online Platform

The use of the Internet continues to increase every day. Consequently, there are also more ways to offer your services through the Internet and earn money by means of your own digital platform. Once a platform is up and running, you can generate passive income with that platform as well. Are you curious about how to generate income with an online platform? In this article, you will learn more about the earning models of an online platform.

Earning Model Online Platform Blog

A good earning model for an online platform is to write blogs. A blog can be about nearly anything. If you have the talent to write good blog articles, it is a good idea to earn money by writing some interesting blogs.

Earning Money with a Blog
Blog articles can be published on third-party platforms, but also on your own platform. In most cases, blogs earn money through advertisements or sponsored blog articles. Advertisements are often set up with affiliate marketing parties such as TradeTracker, Daysycon or Zanox.

Personal Blog with External Editors
With StartPlatform, you can launch your own blog platform. You can also give access to external editors who may or may not be allowed to publish articles on your platform for a fee.

Earning Model Online Sales Platform

Another earning model for an online platform is to set up a sales platform. This can be an online shop, but also some kind of marketplace.

Earning Model of an Online Shop
You can start by selling your own products or you can drop-ship third-party products. Dropshipping is the selling of products that you purchase from a company after receiving an order, and have delivered to your customer.

Are you setting up a sales platform? You can set up a webshop or a marketplace. Incidentally, creating a website is not the only thing you will have to deal with.

Marketing for Sales Platform
You also have to attract customers to your online platform. You do this by focusing on SEO, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing.

You also have to grow your social media channels and can advertise for a larger customer range. Via Start-platform, you can set up a webshop. Through the webshop, physical as well as digital products and services can be sold.

Earning Model Online Platform E-Learnings

The concept of online learning is universally accepted all over the world. There are hundreds of programs that are completely offered online and that offer people from all countries the chance to get quality education if they cannot travel to learn. Students can also get extra online lessons from teachers to better understand difficult or limited material offered in schools. Some websites also offer students the opportunity to get simulations of experiments normally taught in classes. An advantage of an E-learning platform is that once you have set up an E-learning platform, you can generate passive income. Set up your own E-Learning via Start-platform, so that you too can set up and sell E-Learnings.

Earning Model Online Dating Platform

Many dating sites feature ads in the form of advertisements. When someone wants to remove the ad, they can take out a subscription. Often, this is also not a large amount, but this does earn revenue for your dating site. As long as you don't pay with a dating app, the possibilities are very limited. Often, you can only swipe a certain number of people, and then you have to wait a day. You also can not send a message to anyone. Another way to earn money is to offer subscriptions. Some dating sites use a subscription whereby you have to pay a monthly fee to use all services. The software of Start-platform also works with subscriptions to obtain contact options.

Earning Model Online Platform JobBoard

Do you have a new idea for the job board market? Building a job board means that job vacancies are shown to employees and they can respond to them. This brings supply and demand together. Online earning money by setting up a job board can come in the form of subscriptions or ads. Our job board software is easy to manage yourself, even if you have no technical knowledge. Via Start-platform, you can set up your own jobboard.


Earning Models Online Platforms

Earning Model Online Platform Advertisements: Companies approach you to then make advertisements for their company by means of a referral on your blog, but can also be promoting a product or service. The more visitors your platform has, the more companies are willing to pay.

Earning Model Online Platform Subscriptions: Customers take out a subscription to use your platform. This uses an automatic direct debit, which can be debited weekly, monthly or even yearly.

Earning Model Online Platform Product Orders: Generate income by selling your product or service on your platform.


How to Get an Online Platform?

Earning money with platforms? For a possible blog, webshop, job board, dating site, you can turn to Start-Platform. We specialize in delivering a high-quality platform. What sets us apart from all others? Our strength lies in working with pleasure on sustainable platforms. This creates happy and satisfied customers. We deliver solutions that can best serve your members. With this, we achieve the goals of your members, and therefore your goals too. We do this in a trusted environment and without bosses. Set up your own online platform via Start-platform.