Adding an administrator

How do I add an additional administrator


Multiple Administrators in SiteCMS

Do you want to manage your website with multiple people at the same time? You can easily add different administrators to your CMS. You can also choose to grant these administrators different permissions.

SiteCMS User Module

Do you want to add an additional administrator in SiteCMS? Open the CMS in your browser and access the Dashboard by clicking on the logo in the top left corner. Then, click on 'users' to open the SiteCMS user module.

Adding an Administrator

Through this module, you can see an overview of all users within your CMS. To add a user, simply click on 'New.' Then, fill in the requested information to complete the user profile and click 'Add.' The user can now log in to your CMS.

Administrators with Different Permissions

You can also assign different or limited permissions to administrators. You can set a Rank for the administrator account. You have the choice of Super Admin, Admin, and moderator.

Access to CMS Modules

Each rank has access to specific modules in your CMS. The Super Admin has access to all modules, while admin and moderator have limited access. Below is an overview of the modules and the ranks that have access:


  • Members: Super Admin, Admin, Moderator
    • Users: Super Admin
    • Approve Photos: Super Admin
    • Recent Answers: Super Admin
    • Comments: Super Admin, Admin, Moderator
    • Approvals: Super Admin, Admin, Moderator
    • Messages: Super Admin
  • Administration: Super Admin
  • Catalog: Super Admin
    • Items: Super Admin, Admin, Moderator
    • Categories: Super Admin
    • Management Groups: Super Admin
  • Texts: Super Admin, Admin, Moderator
    • System Pages: Super Admin, Admin, Moderator
    • Overviews: Super Admin
    • Email Templates: Super Admin, Admin, Moderator
    • FAQ: Super Admin, Admin, Moderator
    • FAQ Categories: Super Admin, Admin, Moderator
    • Menus: Super Admin, Admin, Moderator
    • Sliders: Super Admin, Admin, Moderator
    • Poll: Super Admin, Admin, Moderator
    • Translations: Super Admin
  • Matchmaker: Super Admin
  • Settings: Super Admin

Security of Your CMS

Carefully determine who you grant access to your SiteCMS environment and monitor it closely. It may be wise to give certain administrators limited rights to protect specific information or settings on your platform.


Good luck with creating new users for your CMS. If you have more questions about this, feel free to contact us.