Build an external career site

Reach the best talents with recruitment

Create a career site specifically for talent recruitment within a company. Provided with vacancies, a company presentation and some stories from existing staff. You create a careers site especially for reaching top talent. Build a career site with StartPlatform.

Why and how to build a career site

Show what your business does

You create a separate career site to show what your company does. It is not made for clients, but for candidates. As a result, setting up a career site is interesting for anyone who wants to attract top talent.

Job bank in the career website
The goal of creating a career site is simple and always the same. Namely, receive as many applications as possible. You and your recruiters post vacancies in a good job board that is equipped with search alerts and search filters.

Set up a findable career site
Building a career website with Google for jobs link? We make sure that Google also understands everything and automatically indexes your vacancies. As a result, you will receive more candidates and therefore more applications.

Build a career site with Kiss
This website has a logical and effective design. Only the parts that are really important are shown. As a result, everyone immediately knows how it works. Want to set up a career site?

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