Finding a niche for an online platform


Own interest

It is important that you are passionate about what you do. By picking a niche that you are interested in, you probably can tell a lot about it already. Are you not interested in a specific niche? That's no problem. With the help of the 8 K’s, finding a niche becomes a lot easier.

How big is the market?

When choosing a niche, it is important that you pick a niche you can earn money from. By using tools such as Google's Keyword Planner and Google Trends, it is easy to do your own market research. This makes it easy to identify growing markets.

Know your competitors

Make it clear to yourself who your competitors are. Search up your niche and check out your competitor’s websites. How do they advertise? What kind of products or services do they sell? Where are they all active? All this information is very important in finding a suitable niche.

Start your marketing plan

Now you have an idea of what kind of niche suits you and who your competitors are, you can start with the marketing plan. A marketing plan helps you with your strategy and helps achieve your goals. Make sure you make the marketing plan clear, effective and easy for yourself.

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