How do I make a good website myself?

03 March 2023

Do you want to create a good website on your own or do you want to get a website created by professionals? Creating a website without any experience can be difficult. Usually, you need some experience to create a website. Or do you?

We can help you get started. Do you want to create your own website? There are various solutions that you can use to create your own website. These include Wix, Wordpress, and StartPlatform. 

Create a website using Wordpress

For instance, you can create a good website using Wordpress. You need to understand Wordpress, templates, and plugins that you require. There is a lot to consider when you use Wordpress. You can possibly create a website using Wordpress, but creating a good website on your own can be challenging.

Host your Wordpress website on your own

If you decide to create a website using Wordpress, make sure that you also have to host that website. For hosting your website, you can use Yourhosting, Hostnet or TransIP, for example. You can order a hosting package from these providers. Afterward, create your website and place it on the hosting package. 

Create a good website using WIX

You can also create a website using WIX. WIX has a few advantages over Wordpress. However, you need to do everything yourself when using WIX. You need to learn how WIX works to use it efficiently. If you encounter difficulty, then you can let a WIX professional create a website. WIX has a marketplace where you can search for a professional. One disadvantage is that you have to deal with an external company.

Create a website using StartPlatform

StartPlatform has a hybrid solution for creating websites. With StartPlatform, you will work together to create a website. You have a dedicated point of contact with StartPlatform and do not have to search for a professional when you encounter difficulty. 

Do you want to create a good website? With StartPlatform, you do not have to do everything on your own. We provide you with guidance to get started, but we take care of the basic setup. As a result, your website looks good from the beginning. Afterward, you can customize your website as per your liking. You only need to pay for our expertise and do everything else yourself.

Of course, StartPlatform also hosts your website. So, you will be fully served from A to Z.

Want to make a good website yourself?

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