Online matching

Match members automatically
  • Decide how you match
  • Fast match proposals
  • Two-sided matching
  • Notification for new match

Smart online matching

Exposure through top notch matching

The era of endless searching for members is over. Now it is all about automatic matching. We can generate accurate matching propositions by comparing complete profiles. 


More active members

More revenue because of smart matching

As many active members as possible. That is the end goal. We notify non-active members with an e-mail notification for each new match. They will return, causing more paying members.


Online matching
Decide characteristics
You decide how the software matches. Choose the characteristics with the slider.
The system works with a queue. One-by-one matches will be quickly generated by the system.
An email notification will be delivered when there is a match. Creating more active members.

Online matching

Match members accurately

Add all the features that you want to match on. Decide how much it weighs or choose if it is a dealbreaker. Dealbreakers are a 100% fit. That is how you match hetero men with hetero women. 

The matchmaker will do the rest of the work. Members will be automatically introduced to each other. The match percentage will be shown in the overview. There is a special dashboard where matches can be managed.

Online matching

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