5 pitfalls when setting up an online platform


Today, everyone is on the internet, online platforms dominate the market and that makes sense. By matching supply and demand without intermediaries, you save money and are fast, agile, and efficient for your customers. Now it all seems fun and nice to start an online platform, many people do not know what is involved. In the past, many people have fallen into several pitfalls. In this article, we will discuss how we at Start-platform found solutions to the 5 biggest pitfalls in starting an online platform. 

Delaying going live until your online platform is perfect

You know the story, a young, inexperienced entrepreneur stepping into the world of online platforms. Driven and enthusiastic to start his or her own online platform, thinking that this needs to be done as quickly as possible because they want to get started too much. The road to starting an online platform is a long one. If you do this too quickly, you leave breadcrumbs along the way. The online platform is not yet there, therefore the quality is too low and it is not complete. Fortunately, Start-platform.com offers a solution for this. At Start-platform, we use ready-made platform software in a SaaS. Thanks to our well-developed software, nothing is impossible when it comes to creating an online platform. 

Going with the first developer that comes along

When you just started, you found a developer who was perfect for you as a starting entrepreneur. Months and years fly by and business is going well. You have gained many customers, and more activities are being carried out on your online platform. Your members therefore expect more and more from your platform. As a result, the online platform no longer meets the requirements. The platform you now have is simply too small for everything you now want to offer. Then the next step is to hire a professional agency. Transferring everything and renewing it to your new agency, you will get into this hassle again. At Start-platform, we grow with you! We provide free updates to make your online platform as modern and professional as possible for your customers. Do you want extra gadgets, activities, options, and so on? This is possible within our platform! We grow with your platform.

Underestimating the costs of building and maintaining a platform

Many people think that creating an online platform is easy and does not cost much, which is usually not the case. Making a beautiful and cared for platform is certainly not cheap! This is because a professional platform cannot be made just like that, it takes a lot of time and effort. 

Here at Start-platform, we offer three types of packages for making an online platform:

  • Basic platform
  • Medium platform
  • Large platform

Not asking your target audience for feedback

The young entrepreneur sees around him that starting a platform is very different from running a platform. "Setting up the perfect online platform is no guarantee for success. Often, companies work towards the launch of the platform for a year. Then they quickly realize that the platform does not meet their expectations. You can prevent this by involving your customers in the development and testing phase". Of course, this involves a bit of marketing, your target audience is the most important for your platform. For this, we have standard software available that has been thoroughly developed and in which customers are involved. Due to the SaaS, everyone also gets the latest updates continuously.

Responding too late to changes

Many companies and online platforms respond too late to changes. The result is that they become inconspicuous and generate less turnover because they lag behind. For customers, the rule always applies that the more modern and better the service or product is, the more quickly they are inclined to go there. If you want to keep up, you need to keep updating your platform, many companies do this so they don't fall behind. If you have a platform made at Start-platform, you do not have to worry about this. Thanks to our software, all platforms receive new updates regularly to keep the quality as high as possible! You do not have to pay extra for this, it is already included in the monthly costs. 

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