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Create product configurator site
  • Create your own product configurations
  • Optimize your online sales
  • Receive complete leads and save time
  • Improve your sales performance
Product configurator software

Product configurator software

Sell more with small margin of error

Quickly create a product configurator website so that you and your users can sell complex products or services with smaller margins of error. StartPlatform has complete product configurator software that works with CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote). Let customers configure a product or service.

With product configurator software you can create a product configurator website. With this you can let your customers put together a product or service online. Your visitor goes through a step-by-step plan configured by you.

This step-by-step plan includes all the key features that the visitor can set as desired. The product configurator software can calculate the price based on those settings so that your visitor knows exactly where he or she stands.

You create a product configurator website to reduce the margin of error in the sales process. In addition, good product configurator software can save you a lot of time. The product configurator software ensures that the customer can continuously adjust the product until it fully meets the wishes.

The customer then orders the product or requests a quote for the service. This saves you time in making an inventory of all wishes and recording all data.

Creating a product configurator website is probably very expensive. Fortunately, not with our standard product configurator software. It works simple. You order our software, we will create your product configurator website and you then add your products with all possible configurations.

This way your product configurator website is ready in two weeks. Can't get out of something? Then please contact us. We will then help you on your way. Oh yeah. A demo costs you absolutely nothing.

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Build a product configurator website

Sell more effectively thanks to better leads

Good leads with product configurator website
Because customers enter all wishes themselves in the product configurator software, you receive complete leads. You want that one. Because they convert better and they save you a lot of time.
Fewer returns thanks to product configurator software
Create a webshop with product configurator? Smart. Because customers fill in all wishes online themselves, you raise the threshold for errors. As a result, you will receive fewer returns.
Product configurator software saves a lot of time
Let customers and dealers make the desired configurations themselves so that they know where they stand. You and your sales people save time so that you can optimize sales more.

Standard configurator software

Can be used for any application

Affordably generate good leads for the manufacturing industry. Do you and your suppliers sell window frames, curtains or floors? It all doesn't matter. We can create a product configurator website for your application.

Effective design with KISS
With our online product configurator software, we seamlessly tailor the design to your target group. This way everything fits perfectly with your company and your target group is best addressed by your website.

Good Google positions with SEO
Creating a product configurator website without visitors is like a boat on a train track. That is why we make sure that Google also understands everything. You therefore score more relevant visitors at an affordable price.

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create a product configurator website

More than product configuration software

Everything for more and better leads

Build your own product configurator website? We provide you with an all-in-one total solution. Send invoices, manage your complete website and receive orders with online payments.

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