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Account Manager Wanted in Utrecht
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Account Manager Utrecht

As an account manager, you will assist our customers in achieving online success. You will be responsible for our customer base and become the primary contact person. You'll handle customer queries, probe to understand how you can assist, and provide solutions.

Additionally, as an account manager, you'll help our customers implement the sold (SaaS) products through simple software configurations. In short, you will ensure customer satisfaction and contribute to a positive customer experience, which is highly important to us.


Account Manager Vacancy in Utrecht
Work in a Young and Growing Team


What We Offer

If you respond to our account manager vacancy, you will receive a competitive salary from us. You can work from home, but in the office, you'll have unlimited coffee. As an account manager, you'll be part of an informal team. After COVID, we enjoy casual Friday gatherings.

As an account manager, you will be involved in all aspects of improving customer relationships. Your input is important to us, and we value listening to you. You will contribute to the growth of our company, and as a result, you will grow in your role.


Work as an Account Manager without Bosses
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What We Ask For

We are looking for an account manager in the Utrecht area with at least a bachelor's degree and a minimum of 2 years of experience in a commercial role, preferably in business economics or CMD. We seek someone with an interest in online activities.

As an account manager, it's important that you easily establish contacts, are socially adept, and possess strong communication skills. Additionally, we appreciate a commercial mindset. Interested in applying for the account manager position? Respond quickly to our account manager vacancy in Utrecht.

How Does the Application Process Work?

  1. You apply online for our vacancy;
  2. We conduct a brief screening;
  3. We contact you;
  4. We schedule a video call for introduction;
  5. We schedule a job interview (with assessment) at our office;
  6. Signing the contract.

How Do I Apply?

Send your motivation with CV to, and we will contact you within two working days. 


Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated and will be punished with daily jokes in your inbox.

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1 september 2024

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