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04 October 2023

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, it is of great importance for shopping centers to evolve along with it. Setting up a website for a shopping center not only provides new opportunities for all affiliated stores but also for the shopping center itself.

In this article, we will discuss how creating a central website for shopping centers can lead to a stronger online presence for individual stores and how online marketing can be utilized to enhance the success of all stores.

Why a Website for Shopping Center?

Digitization has changed consumer behavior. Potential customers search online for information, products, and services. Therefore, it is essential for shopping centers to have an online presence. A centralized website provides an overview of all stores in the shopping center, making it easy for customers to find information about available stores, opening hours, current offers, and more.

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Individual Logins for Stores

One of the core features of the website is allowing individual logins for each store in the center. This allows retailers to actively participate on the website and manage their online profiles. They can:

  • Share News and Updates: Retailers can share news, events, and offers to keep customers informed about what's happening in their store.
  • Add Job Vacancies: If a store has job vacancies, they can easily post them on the website, turning the shopping center into a source for local job seekers.
  • Manage Store Page: Stores can manage their own store page, including adding photos, descriptions, contact information, and links to their social media.

This gives each store the freedom and flexibility to manage their online presence in a personalized and relevant way.

Features in a Shopping Center Website

In a time when digitization has become the norm, websites play a crucial role in the success of businesses and organizations. For shopping centers, this is no different. Setting up a modern, interactive website for a shopping center offers numerous benefits, including automatically displaying stores on a map, sharing opening hours, direct contact with stores, promoting social media channels, the ability to shop directly from the stores online, and creating individual store pages.

  • Automatic Store Display on a Map: One of the most convenient features of a shopping center website is automatically showing the location of each store on an interactive map. This allows visitors to quickly find the stores they want to visit, even if they are not familiar with the layout of the shopping center. With one click, they can view the exact location of a store.
  • Access to All Opening Hours: Another important feature is providing detailed information about the opening hours of each store in the shopping center. Visitors can easily check when their favorite stores are open, helping them plan their visit. This enhances customer satisfaction and improves the overall shopping experience.
  • Direct Contact with Stores: Providing the option for visitors to directly contact individual stores is another advantage. Through the website, customers can ask questions, make appointments, or request information. This strengthens customer relationships and increases customer engagement.
  • Promotion of Social Media Channels: Modern shopping center websites often include integration with social media platforms. Stores can directly share their social media accounts on the website, further expanding their online presence. This is a powerful way to share news, promotions, and events with their followers.
  • Individual Store Pages: A central website can offer each store the opportunity to manage its own store page. Here, they can share photos, descriptions, news, and offers. This provides each store with a personalized space to present themselves to potential customers and highlight their unique character.
  • Direct Online Shopping and Payment: A revolutionary step in digitizing the shopping experience is the ability for customers to make direct online purchases and payments at all stores added to the website. With e-commerce functionality, customers can select products, add them to their shopping cart, and securely check out, all from the comfort of their own home. This opens up new opportunities for stores to expand their customer base and increase revenue.

Setting up a shopping center website with these features typically requires careful planning and development. With our standard shopping center software, that's a thing of the past. It increases the visibility of the shopping center, improves customer satisfaction, and provides stores with a powerful platform to present themselves. In a time when online presence is invaluable, setting up modern websites for shopping centers is an investment worth making and paves the way for success in the digital age.

Setting up a Shopping Center Website

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Online Marketing for Shopping Centers

One of the greatest benefits of having a central website is the ability to implement powerful online marketing strategies for all stores in the shopping center. Here are some ways online marketing can be used:

  • Joint Promotions: The shopping center can set up joint promotions to attract customers. This could include a special shopping center events calendar with discounts and offers for different stores.
  • Social Media Marketing: The website can be linked to the shopping center's social media accounts, making it easy to share announcements and news.
  • Email Marketing: Collecting email addresses through the website allows the shopping center to send regular newsletters with updates, offers, and events.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimizing the website for search engines can help stores be found more easily by potential customers searching online.

Cost Savings with Creating a Shopping Center Website

Creating a centralized website for a shopping center can be cost-effective for individual stores for various reasons:

  1. Shared Marketing Costs: By collaborating on one central shopping center website, stores can share the costs of website development, maintenance, and online marketing campaigns.
  2. Benefiting from Economies of Scale: The collective effort on one shopping center website provides the opportunity to benefit from economies of scale.
  3. Joint Promotions and Events: By organizing joint promotions and events through the central website, stores can pool their marketing budgets for greater impact.
  4. Efficiency in Content Creation: Sharing one platform makes it easier to create and manage content.
  5. Access to Joint Customer Data: A central shopping center website can also collect and analyze customer data at a level that individual stores typically cannot reach.
  6. Uniform Branding: A common website ensures uniform branding for the entire shopping center.

By setting up a website for a shopping center, individual stores can save on marketing efforts while benefiting from the advantages of collective marketing. This not only strengthens the online presence of stores but also contributes to the success of the entire shopping center.

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Creating a Website for a Shopping Center

Setting up a website for a shopping center is a strategic step to adapt to the digital age and reap the benefits of online marketing. By offering individual logins for stores, they can strengthen their online presence, while the shopping center as a whole can benefit from joint marketing efforts.

Together, they can provide a more attractive and modern shopping experience, which can lead to greater success for all parties involved. It's time to embrace what the digital age has to offer and strengthen the future of shopping centers. Looking to create a website for a shopping center? Our software is perfect for the job.

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