Platform design trends 2022


New developments and trends emerge with platform designs to provide users with the best possible experience. In this article, you will read more about various platform design trends for 2022.

Accessible platform design

Accessibility is becoming an increasingly important focus. The need for more user-friendly platforms is increasing for both younger and older target groups. Think of a good color scheme for the visually impaired and elderly, dark text on a light background, buttons with reading aloud function, and the ability to let visitors enlarge the font. This all makes it more accessible for all target groups. At Start-platform, we take accessibility into account by using the same layout for all platforms we manage, allowing us to optimize all platforms for accessibility simultaneously.

Simplicity and clarity in platform design

A beautiful and clear platform design creates a feminine design that exudes tranquility. The goal is to help the customer make a purchase in a few simple steps. A more organized platform design also makes you appear more professional. This provides a more pleasant experience for the visitor, causing them to stay longer on your platform, which is good for more active members. Simplicity and clarity contribute to a positive end result of the visitor for your digital platform.

Organizational image in platform design

Video and photos play an increasingly important role on digital platforms. Visitors get a better sense of experience and a better understanding of a product or service through a photo or video. Seeing a face or hearing a voice makes visitors feel more comfortable. Photos and videos are also becoming more important in promoting your products and services.

More attention to personal contact

In addition to more attention to good visual material, personal contact should not be ignored. It is important that your online platform is easily accessible and available by phone. People appreciate the opportunity for telephone contact, and an online chat is important for answering any questions they may have. Within our platform software, we have built-in a conversion trigger that gives the visitor the feeling of being able to start a chat. The message is subsequently sent via email in the background. This way, the administrator does not have to be online, but still can benefit from maximum conversion. Of course, a real chat can also be activated with just a few clicks.

Mobile platform design

Many platform designs are still mainly built for desktop display, making mobile display too often a copy of the desktop display. However, many platforms are getting the most mobile visitors. This, of course, depends on the marketing strategy. If it is mainly based on social media, 95% of the platform's visitors use a mobile device. That is why designing from the mobile-first principle is becoming more and more the starting point. The number of visitors from mobile devices is increasing year by year. If you look at the number of first-time visitors, this percentage is often even higher than for returning visitors. In short: mobile platform design will become increasingly important in the coming years.

Symmetric platform design

Symmetry is important for a good platform design. According to web design principles, you create balance with symmetrical website layouts. With a symmetrical platform design, attention can be focused on certain places. This increases the conversion on a platform. For this reason, this trend is very popular. This trend forces designers to focus on the content of their platform and distribute it evenly. Within our platform software, we assume perfect symmetry based on a grid of 12 rows. This creates peace and clarity.

Images of people in your platform design

In the world of platform design, images with people are becoming increasingly popular. It is important to use images with people who resemble the platform's target group. This way, the target group is addressed better. More and more platforms use these types of images, making images with people increasingly important for platform design. With the right images, you can easily appeal to people of different races, backgrounds, and ages and emphasize diversity. It brings a sense of normality to your platform. By using images of real people, people can imagine using your platform much better.

Platform design color trends

The colors of the platform's design are important in platform design. Natural colors are very popular, as are primary colors. With the tone set for this year's platform design trends, earth-inspired colors are emerging everywhere. Society's pursuit of sustainability and climate preservation is reflected in platform design trends. The trending platform design colors are based on a mix of nature-inspired shades and primary colors. Of course, the best colors in platform design depend on the target group. Each color has its meaning, and each target group is addressed well by different colors. A separate article on this subject will follow later.

Typography platform design

Make sure your words speak, but your typography is refined. Different fonts provide a counterbalance to the more modern vibes and find their way into the platform design trends of 2022. Platforms benefit by offering different fonts, reminding visitors of printed media and adding a classic tone to the list of platform design trends of 2022.