Adding Gift Vouchers / Discount Codes to Webshop

Boost your sales with gift cards and discount codes


We are excited to announce that we have launched a new update that allows you to easily add gift cards and discount codes to your online store. This feature enables you to provide your customers with an additional incentive, increase conversion, and promote customer loyalty. Read on to discover how this new update can take your webshop to new heights.

What are discount codes?

Discount codes are alphanumeric codes that customers can use during checkout in an online store to receive a specific discount on their purchase. These codes typically consist of a combination of letters, numbers, or symbols and are often provided by the webshop itself as part of a promotion or marketing campaign.

Customers can enter the discount code in the designated field on the website or during the checkout process. Once the code is entered and validated, the corresponding discount is automatically applied to the total amount of the order.

Discount codes can take various forms, such as a fixed amount in euros (e.g., €10 off), a percentage of the total amount (e.g., 15% off), free shipping, or other special offers. The terms and restrictions of discount codes may vary, such as a minimum order value, an expiration date, restrictions on certain products, or validity for new customers.

Discount codes are often used as a marketing tool to attract customers, increase conversion, promote customer loyalty, and drive seasonal sales. They provide customers with an extra incentive to make purchases and can be an effective way to boost sales and increase the brand awareness of an online store.

Why add discount codes in my webshop?

Offering discount codes in an online store can have various benefits, both for the webshop itself and for customers. Here are some reasons why webshops offer discount codes:

  • Customer Attraction: Discount codes are an effective way to attract customers and grab their attention. People are often looking for bargains and discounts, so offering discount codes can be an incentive for potential customers to visit the webshop and make purchases.
  • Increase Conversion: Discount codes can increase conversion rates, meaning more webshop visitors actually make a purchase. Discount codes create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to take action faster because they have the opportunity to save on their purchases.
  • Customer Loyalty: Offering discount codes can help build loyalty and retain existing customers. By regularly offering exclusive discount codes to loyal customers, they feel valued and have an incentive to keep coming back to the webshop.
  • Marketing Strategy: Discount codes can also serve as part of a broader marketing strategy. They can be used to promote new products, stimulate seasonal sales, generate repeat purchases, and increase brand awareness.
  • Competitive Advantage: In a competitive market, offering discount codes can be a way to gain a competitive advantage. It can convince customers to choose your webshop over a competitor, especially if the discount codes are attractive and valuable.

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