Improved layout for subscription ordering


We are pleased to announce a new update that has enhanced the experience of ordering memberships on your platform. Our goal at StartPlatform is to provide you with a seamless and efficient user experience for your visitors, members, and customers, and this update is another step in that direction.

What's New?

From now on, ordering memberships has become much easier and faster. We have listened to your feedback and made a change that significantly improves the entire process. When ordering a subscription, the order section will now slide to the right side of the page while staying on the same page you came from. This means you no longer have to navigate back and forth between different pages, making the ordering process smoother and more efficient.

Why is this important?

We understand that time is precious, and a simple ordering process is crucial. With this update, we aim to help your members or customers order memberships more quickly and with less effort. Keeping the page where you started while the order section slides to the side is designed to make the process seamless and prevent unnecessary interruptions. All of this contributes to an increased conversion rate, meaning you can receive successful orders.

How to check the update?

All you need to do is select a subscription on your platform and go through the ordering process. You will notice how smooth and fast it is now. If you have created explanation pages on your website describing this ordering process, we recommend updating those pages to reflect the new functionality.

We want to emphasize that your feedback has led us to this improvement, and we continue to listen to your suggestions to make StartPlatform even better.