Post a poll on a platform

Set up an online platform with a poll


We have made an update that allows you to post a poll on your platform. That poll is then displayed on your homepage. Anyone can answer that poll. After answering a poll, the results are shown to the answerers.

What is a poll?

A poll is a way of gathering information by asking a group of people questions and collecting their answers. Polls can be used for various purposes, such as collecting opinions on a certain topic, measuring the popularity of something or someone, or determining people's preferences.

Set up platform with poll

Building a platform with multiple polls

Do you want to set up a platform with multiple polls? If you have added multiple polls, an extra menu will be displayed on the poll page. This menu allows the user to switch polls on the page of your polls. This allows each user to answer multiple polls.

Each poll gets a unique URL. You can use that URL anywhere within your platform so that you can refer to the poll from any page.

Set up an up-to-date platform

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