Platform stats on the dashboard

Understand what the platform software does


We have provided the dashboard of your platform with useful system statistics. As a result, you know exactly what the platform software for your platform is doing. 

The following platform statistics'are currently added:

Items in index action queue
For large platforms this is a valuable update. This status shows how many items your platform still has to index. During indexing, our algorithm links a page to the right search filters and places it in the right overviews. 

Emails in send queue
Some platforms send hundreds to thousands of email messages per day. The platform software will not send all those e-mail messages at once, so we prevent overload. These messages are therefore placed in a queue and then sent in batches. You can see exactly how many e-mail messages your platform software still has to send.

Email messages sent per month
When an online platform sends many e-mail messages, an SMTP relay service is linked, such as Mandrill. Such a service may incur additional monthly charges. That is why we show here the number of messages sent by your platform software in the current month. Do you manage your own online platform? You will never be faced with unexpected costs.

Every website, webshop and online platform is stored on a server connected to the internet. This is called hosting. The used storage is displayed on your dashboard. You will never have to deal with unexpected hosting costs. 

Number of items
Every website, webshop or platform with StartPlatform software has items. An item is any web page. Here you can see how many items have been added to you via our platform software. 

Number of users
For any platform it is important to know how many users are using the platform. We have therefore added this number of users to the dashboard of your platform software.

Other platform updates