Tips for good logo on your website

7 tips for the logo on your website


Do you want to set up a website? It doesn't matter if you want to have a dating site, a job site, a company website or a marketplace made. You need a good logo in all cases. A logo that is placed at the top of a website must meet a number of conditions. In this article we give you 6 tips for a good logo.

7 tips for a good logo

Tip 1: Logo in 3:1 ratio

We use your logo for the header of your website. The logo must therefore be a lot wider than it is high. Therefore use a 3:1 ratio. Then you can be sure that your logo will always look good in the header of the website.

Tip 2: Logo file formats

Nowadays, websites are viewed in many browsers. Not every browser can handle all formats well. We therefore need different file formats of your logo. Therefore, please provide the following file formats.

SVG logo: This vector file of your logo will be displayed razor sharp on all modern browsers. Make sure the SVG logo has a transparent background. Do not use a white background. This limits us in the design possibilities of your website.

PNG logo: Older browsers and e-mail programs cannot handle SVG logos. That is why we would also like to receive a PNG version of your logo. We would like to receive this logo with a transparent background. The minimum size of this logo must be 750 x 250 pixels. With this size, your logo will be displayed sharply on any device.

JPG logo: The administration system of your website does not handle the PNG file format well. That is why we would also like to receive a JPG version of your logo. This logo must have a white background. The minimum size of your JPG logo must be 750 x 250 pixels. With this size, your logo will be displayed sharply on any device.

Tip 3: Use of color in logo

We recommend using a logo with two colors. A primary and a secondary color. We can easily incorporate those two colors into your website. As a result, your website forms a beautiful whole.

Tip 4: Process company name in logo

You are probably going to have a new website made. Therefore, always include your company name in the logo. Your logo will be placed at the top left of your website. By incorporating the company name into your logo, everyone immediately sees that they have the right website for them. But companies like Nike and Apple also don't use a company name in the logo? That's right. They have built up sufficient brand value. As a result, everyone immediately associates the logo with the company behind it. But this requires time and a lot of marketing budget.

Tip 5: Use figurative mark in logo

For recognisability, you can incorporate a figurative mark into your logo. Always position this logo to the left of your company name.

Tip: 6: No space around the logo in the logo

Provide the logo in such a way that there is no space around the logo and company name. A good logo has the logo all around the edge. When a logo is placed on a website with space around it, the logo will appear smaller in proportion.

Tip 7: Keep the logo simple

A simple logo is easy to maintain. It therefore ensures faster recognition. In addition, a simple logo exudes professionalism. A simple logo sits quietly at the top of your website. It stands out, but is not overpowering.

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