Be good for platform worker

No good platform work = less success


Are you running a platform or building an online platform? Great! We’re happy to help you with our online platform software. Setting up an online platform is more than just making money. Think about the platform worker too. Your platform cannot do without platform work and, therefore, not without platform workers. Recent research unfortunately shows that platform workers are not very happy. Thankfully, with a little awareness, you can take this into account.

What is a platform worker?

A platform worker is a person who performs platform work through an online or digital platform. In many cases, these are meal delivery drivers, taxi drivers, handy workers and cleaners.

Building an online platform is popular

Building an online platform is incredibly popular. More and more companies are choosing that strategy. The number of platform workers is therefore also growing enormously. In 2020 there were 28 million platform workers. It is expected that this will increase to approximately 45 million in 2025.

Why become a platform worker?

A platform worker is usually a freelancer. They can easily accept the platform work they want through online platforms. In many cases, they also charge the rates they want. Being a platform worker, therefore, gives a feeling of freedom. You don't have to sit in an office from 9: 00 am to 5: 00 pm but can independently manage your platform work.

Are platform workers happy?

You would therefore think that platform workers are happy. Erasmus University in Rotterdam has researched this. 3600 platform workers participated in the study. The research shows that a platform worker is on average more exhausted than a normal employee. They experience more mental and physical pressure. In addition, platform workers often find the platform work they do monotonous.

Platform workers often do all the platform work alone. They have less contact with colleagues and, therefore, also receive less emotional support.

A platform worker often has a poorer work-life balance.

Competition among platform workers

Platform workers face a lot of competition. This creates job insecurity. If they do not perform platform work properly, they risk a negative review and there is always someone else waiting in line to perform the platform work.

Building your own online platform?

Do you want to set up an online platform and use platform workers? Make sure to take good care of them. As a platform company, you only facilitate collaborations and platform workers do not appear on your payroll. But as a platform company, you also have responsibilities.

Tips for platform companies:

  • Set a minimum wage for the platform worker;
  • Provide clothing guidelines, so you can ensure that meal delivery drivers, for example, stand out better;
  • Try to map or register the platform work performed by a platform worker using an algorithm, for example;
  • Keep track of the income per platform worker. Also take waiting times (which are often not paid for platform workers) into account. Calculate a fair hourly rate;
  • Carry out spot checks as a platform company. Contact your platform workers and investigate how they experience the platform work. This way, you can discover what could be improved and adjust your platform accordingly.

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